89th Uesugi Kenshin memorial ~ played by GACKT in first raw! The immortality of his spirit~

「From here on you can read GACKT’s message」
This year too, August 23rd 2014 (Sat), and 24th (Sun), for two days it will take place the「89th Uesugi Kenshin memorial 」, the wonderful general that showed his honor during the war of the fighting states.
The show on the 24th dedicated to the Kawanakajima battle, will find GACKT in the first raw as the general! The audience, starting with the ones coming from the close Joetsu area, till the ones arriving nationwide, went crazy to see his magnificent performance.

23rd August(Sat)
【MAYOR’s call】
GACKT has been called by Mayor Marayama

KenshinKenshin 2

GACKT talked about the reason why he was against this festival

Kenshin 3

GACKT visiting the Kenshin’s Rinsen temple and aks his benevolence for the festival

Kenshin 4


24th August(Sun)

【LINE UP】Kenshin 6
The Audience, all grouped on the side of the road, raised in a roaring applause at the sight of the white horse rode by Kenshin (played by GACKT) and his army. Just like last year Kenshin finishes his pass wearing the traditional outfit “Suikan”. On the side of the road it’s possible to hear the many voices scream : 「Welcome Back heroes!」
At the end of the parade, Kenshin (GACKT) gives the order to his troupes, the audience at the side of the road raise in a cry of victory, taking the atmosphere to it’s maximum level.

Kenshin 13Kenshin 10Kenshin 11Kenshin 12Kenshin 13

The sun is completely set, the light turn on and to break the twilight darkness here appears Keshin (GACKT).
The battle with his enemy Takeda Shingen and the breathtaking duel with katanas have recreated the battle perfectly, almost making it seem as if Uesugi Kenshin, God of war, descended among us.

Kenshin 14Kenshin 15Kenshin 16Kenshin 17

GACKT’s message on the Uesugi Kenshin rappresentation
To me, the Joetsu area it’s very important, so that I can call it a “second home”. I was surprisingly happy when they asked me to play the part of Keshin during the battle to protect Joetsu area.
So, not to waste this occasion, I decided to answer to this invitation showing you one of the most amazing performance of all time, and in spite of an accident during the preparations I still was able to do it.
In spite of this handicap I decided to participate anyway to this event to commemorate Kenshin.
Naturally, to do this event, it would have been ideal to have a perfect physical condition, but, since adversities are more commont to us I had to endure till the end and complete it.
These situations seems adverse for us and we must be able anyway to raise our moods and believe in ourselves. So, every time that a difficulty presents in front of you if we are able to endure we can do big things and be really proud of us.
「I’d love if you could take your feet in the wonderful and amazing place that’s Joetsy, and make you feel all the beauty and the history. Furthermore, I have a more important thing to tell you, I will keep protecting the spirit of Japanese people always」, after thinking about this, I’d want to tell you that in spite of how many people will participate in this event, I would be happy anyway if this thought could be delivered to the majority of you. I hope with all my heard that after this event, just like me, you’ll make everyone know the beauty of this place.
I, GACKT, from the bottom of my heard ask you to make the new generation know「the beautiful of ancient Japan」.

Source: joetsu-kanko.net

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team