GACKT talks again about the problem of racial discrimination in Paris’ restaurants – What I wanted to say is not circulated.

GACKT, after spending a lifetime in Asia, in the recent years he had several opportunities to observe Japan from outside. The manners to solve discrimination’s problem encountered in France were also acclaimed in Japan, but I have to say this makes me a lil puzzled. For this reason, being an artist that face society’s and life’s problems with honesty, he’d want to leave a message for Japan!

GACKT is a man of his words. In every scripts and interviews so far, he has always convey his opinions through concrete words. But,after reading the messages’ sequence we exchanged days ago 『Collection of GACKT’s quotes』 he made me try a new sensation. He’s a great fan of Japan, but anyway he would want to leave a message to all his fellow citizens.

――Your quotes, how will they be read or understood by the public?

GACKT:To our time’s kids, instead of repeating a long article, I prefer to make them notice just the essentials. For this reason if we got closer to them using this method, they will be able to understand and apply themselves.

――Since when you started to feel these sensations?

GACKT:In these 10 years they changed a lot! There were instructions for using iPhone? I remember I was shocked a lot in that very moment! Since I was basically a fan of Dokomo, when a new product was coming out, I was reading instructions booklet page by page. But, in this moment, have become useless. But in this, not using words, we try to use our common sense.

―― With the Twitter and Blomaga’s advent, you managed to be deliberately closer to your fans.

GACKT: Since I was tired to read my infinite murmurs on the Blomaga, now I just write “I received a call from myself”. If I say that I’m busy with a conversation, everything is easier, right?

――About what you wrote in the Blomaga: “The problem of racial discrimination in Paris’ restaurants” became very popular in Japan!

GACKT:Ah yeah, that! The media caught just that part of the speech and they didn’t put all that I wanted to add. First of all, I’d wanna say that although discrimination is everywhere, I’ve never said that it shouldn’t exist anywhere. Problems like discrimination, exist since the beginning of time, for this reason it’s one of those problems that won’t ever disappear. For this reason, what I wanted to say is that it’s the person who discriminates and the one who is being discriminated to have problems. For being discriminated, GACKT got pissed, and that’s never a good thing.

After this interview we’ll try to understand:「The Asian etiquette」,「the reason of his moving overseas」 and 「The true reason od Blomaga’s creation」. What will GACKT want to tell us? The continuation will be on sale on 6/9in the weekly publication “Nikkan SPA!” which will collect different interviews!

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Source: Nikkan SPA

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team