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*This is an extract from the GACKT Blomaga.

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whenever I write a blomaga,
there will be medias that make use of my blomaga,
and I would like to say one thing to them.

I would like to ask you to
stop referring to me using a stereotyped word like “celeb”.

Like my private life being too mysterious… or
what is my true source of income?…
To top it off,
saying things like “he’s becoming a celebrity character!”…
Please just give me a break.

Maybe the writers
are as low as to think that writing bad things about someone
will generate more reads, or
maybe they think that simply making a joke out of someone will get them more hits.

Whichever it is,
to me you’re being a nuisance.

This Blomaga
is something that is for my “LOVERS”
who have always supported me,
not for the cliched media to make a joke out of.


Blog-28Mag15-01 Blog-28Mag15-02

I am
just a person
who feels happy
when I see everyone else having fun
while holding a surprise birthday party for my friends…
In other words, I’m a pretty simple guy.


Blog-28Mag15-03 Blog-28Mag15-04 Blog-28Mag15-05

There aren’t many mysteries about me.
Just that, up until now
I have never shown much about my lifestyle.

Since this blomaga started,
you can say that
it is through here that I can shed light on it.


What’s with this?
Honestly, is it in the first place
a bad thing to be invited?
Is it that I can’t be invited?


I’m not boasting, I’m not boasting.

I’m just casually writing about my private life
in a Blomaga that I have to update.
This guy’s pretty dumb.

if my own earnings is high
is that not allowed?

My work isn’t limited to only music and entertainment.
Besides that there are businesses
that I have been building during the past 10 years.
Must I report on each and every one of them too?

「I am, right now, successful in this business!!!」

Like that?
Isn’t talk like that more like boasting?


Who is it? That “problem solver”.
what is to “restore image”?

【It’s a situation where he wants people to think of him as a celeb】
so, this is a writer who is really delusional.

At that, in the first place, who’s the writer?
“Yumemo Kyotaro”???
None of you know right?
Who on earth this guy is?

The real Yumeno Kyotaro
is a reportage writer who passed away in 1991,
Takenaka Roshi was his pen name.
Of course, he is currently in the next world.

In other words, this writer
is openly using his name falsely,
and is simply a “fake”.

Falsely using another person’s name and writing articles,
and in addition other online news sites
using these articles without skepticism.
In the first place, isn’t there a problem here?

I really wish they’d just give me a break.


Blog-28Mag15-09 Blog-28Mag15-10 Blog-28Mag15-11

what this self-proclaimed “Yumeno Kyotaro” wrote about me is

『If there is a revival in popularity,
it is within considerations to find new patrons…』

Uh that…
When you say patron… am I a Mamasan from Ginza?

『If he manages to give the public the impression that he is a celeb
he also aims to clear the suspicions of tax evasion and his involvement in embezzlement』

Do celebs have such an effect?

I mean…
At this point in time,
guys who can say that with a straight face should get sued.
These guys really just give you a headache right?

About industries,
about politics,
about the entertainment world or others,
its just exceedingly strange
that one would write articles about these as if they knew them well
and even for the author’s name
falsely use someone elses’
while writing articles so carefree-ly.

They’ve really got nothing better to do…
Whether I’m in Japan or living overseas,
in the end such meaningless news
still bypassed the staff and came flying in.


Blog-28Mag15-12 Blog-28Mag15-13

Today I flew back from overseas
to shoot for a CM in Japan but…
There, Yarusenasu’s Nakamura-kun came by.

And he called out to me.

『Big bro, it’s been awhile!
Once again you’ve shaken up the world!』

When I asked what that was about, he said

I’ve read all about the discrimination in France,
your Lamborghini getting damaged,
and even your invite to the boxing match!』


Blog-28Mag15-14 Blog-28Mag15-15


I see…
as I wondered if it was from online news…

「I didn’t write about those with any specific intentions in mind.
About the incident in France,
I was only saying that both the discriminator and the person getting discriminated
have their own issues」

I said, and he replied

『Livedoor picked up big bro’s story!
Well, if big bro’s name appeared, more people would enter their site!」

I’m in trouble…
I’m really in trouble.

This means that all the information like my revealing of my private life,
the friends and acquaintances I’ve made, and where I’ve been,
that was initially for the fans who I have not met in a long time was consequently,
by some random person
by some writer somewhere
used in such a negative way.


Blog-28Mag15-16 Blog-28Mag15-17

I asked Nakamura-kun.

「Why are there so many of these guys?」

He answered,

『The result of envy!
The result of an inferiority complex!
The result of jealousy!
It’s especially so for young OLs (office ladies)!』

His wordings were very nicely put…
I was a little moved.

「What you said moved me, may I post it?」

I asked him, and he said

『Big bro, have you heard of the word oblate?
Please ask oblate!!! (?)

What on earth, is he so fearful of?

Say it clearly.
I don’t… have any oblate…

If it is in my character to be lumped together with an oblate
then I cannot be GACKT.


My name is GACKT…
My motto is 『Mr. NON OBLATE』

What I really wanted to write about is
not these things but…

next issue I guess I’ll write about my invitation to Dubai as well.

Once again I think,
it’ll become material for a free flow of
“He wasn’t invited, he bought his own ticket!” or
“It’s a strategy to build up his celeb image” though.
Go ahead, do it without my permission.

Ooh~ don’t like, don’t like.

Generally, to be called a 【celeb】…
it’s tacky!!



I found something I lost 5 months ago while travelling overseas.
It was a case where I didn’t even know
which airport it could be at.
For 5 months I was using only
a carry-on bag to travel around.

I did full compensation for my items but.
The problem isn’t money.
Lots of my memories were stored in those items.

To be find them at this kind of timing.
Just with something like that,
my feelings have been healed~~!!!

Is such a me a simple organism?

In any case… thankful, I’m thankful.


My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.

*This is an extract from the GACKT Blomaga.

(Updates thrice a month)

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team