Good Morning LOVERS!

As you all know for sure, in a few, GACKT will be 42! It’s that time of the year again!!
Last year we celebrated with the first issue of our SILVER BOX and a fanzine issue completely dedicated to birthday messages from fans all over the world. We sent both the SILVER BOX and the Fanzine to GACKT himself.

This year GACKT Italia is ready to do it again so we are calling out to all of you Italian and International fans! FOLLOW OUR FACEBOOK EVENT.


Write a message or send some fan arts with your wishes for GACKT on his birthday. This message will be translated in Japanese and it will be published in Japanese and English on our fanzine that will be released on the 3rd/4th of July 2014.
The Fanzine will be published online and we will send the link to GACKT so he can receive all your messages and wishes.

DEADLINE: JUNE 20TH. After this day we won’t accept anymore messages.

To participate, you can send an email with your message to!

** EXTRA **

This year, GACKT ITALIA will be creating the second edition of the SILVER BOX. This is a special present to GACKT from all of us. For all those who wants to send GACKT birthday wishes through a video message, please follow the rules below:

File details: HD 1280×720 or 1920×1080 – .mov or .mp4
Send the file via wetransfer to:
*Any other format different from what described above can’t be accepted.

DEADLINE: JUNE 20TH. After this day we won’t accept anymore messages.

We also want to remind you that deadlines are UNDELAYABLE. All the messages not received or received after the deadline won’t be added to the fanzine or the SILVER BOX; it’s nothing personal, we don’t want to be the “bad guys” but to create a number like this it takes a lot of time and since we want to deliver a high quality product we need the time to focus on it perfectly.


For any doubts or questions  you can contact us on our facebbook page, through the form or via email writing to We will try to answer as soon as possible! Thank you for understanding and we are waiting for you!