《Event Title》
~2016 LAST VISUALIVE is planned to be held. How is your Kiai? All fired up and ready to go??
The members here are all pumped up, and putting everything they have into the upcomming Birthday Event.
But what we’re really want to know about is the LAST VISUALIVE. How will this tour turn out?
When it comes down to this, why don’t we all think about it together? Yes really!!
And when it comes to that, participating in this party is a MUST to see this fateful event!!

GACKT’S BIRTHDAY PARTY will be held again this year.
Right next door is that, the “Land of Dreams”!! Plans for the day after will definitely be there right!!
This event will bring all the LOVERS a great big smile.
Also will be inviting everybody to the “Land fo Dreams”☆

《Event Bonuses》
Participant bonuses No.1: G&LOVERS Exclusive event

Participant bonuses No.2: Costumes exhibition of past MOON SAGA series

Participant bonuses No.3: Participant exclusive venue goods on sale.

Participant bonuses No.4: Wishes on paper~ and your wishes ‘might’ just come true~
Write a Birthday Message to GACKT along with your wish.
Your wish might just be granted during the event.

Participant bonuses No.5: GACKT Original Full-course Menu GACKT
Made soley for this one day, with the theme of GACKT’s music♪
※Different menu will be prepared for Lunch and Dinner.

Participant bonuses No.6: The member’s are planning Afternoon performances, Evening performances,
to bring some different laughs!? to the afternoon and evening parts!!!

Check the “GACKT OFFICIAL WEBSITE” for details

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Source: GACKT Official Facebook