Announcement of details for GACKT’s 42nd Birthday Party!!
This time around, there will not be a direct email on the details.
Please always check and confirm the notes on your application.

《Event name》
GACKT’s 42nd BIRTHDAY PARTY ~ It seems like 2016’s LAST VISUALIVE will be starting soon. How’s everyone’s KiAi? Are you guys revved up??
Our members are filled with KiAi and for this birthday event as well, it’ll be pretty exciting.
But, the thing you’re most interested in is the LAST VISUALIVE right?
How will this tour turn out?
Since it’s soon, won’t everyone think about it together? Eh, really!! But if it’s going to be like that, this time, you’ll definitely have to come, you might even witness history in the making~!!

This year too we’ll be holding a GACKT BIRTHDAY PARTY.
Next to it is that, 『Yume no Kuni (World of dreams)』!! The next day’s schedule will be decided there and then!!
In this year’s event too, we will deliver lots of smiles to all the LOVERS.
Now, let us invite you into 『Yume no Kuni』~

《Event Offers》
Participant rewards No. 1:G&LOVERS members only event

Participant rewards No. 2:Exhibition of past costumes of the MOON SAGA series

Participant rewards No. 3:Sales of limited goods in participants-access-only area

Participant rewards No. 4:We might grant a wish~ that you attach to the Tanzaku~
Please write your birthday message and your wish to GACKT on the Tanzaku.
Maybe, we might grant your wish during the event.

Participant rewards No. 5:With GACKT’s songs in mind, a one-day only
GACKT original full course menu~
*The menus are different for the afternoon and evening sessions.

Participant rewards No. 6:In the afternoons or evening sessions, the members with their elaborate schemes
will deliver different jokes per session!? They’ll make you laugh!!

We will be holding GACKT’s 42nd BIRTHDAY PARTY.

《Event name》

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel THE CLUB Fuji
〒279-0031 Chiba Prefecture, Urayasu City, Maihama 1-9

4 July 2015 (Sat)

Afternoon session Registration from 11:00~ Entry from 12:15~ Program starts 13:00~ Estimated to end 16:00

Evening session Registration from 16:00~ Entry from 17:15~ Program starts 18:00~ Estimated to end 21:00

◆Per session 50,000 yen [G&LOVERS members can only register for 1 ticket per member] ※Registration via web or by phone
◆ All session package 80,000 yen [G&LOVERS members can only register for 1 ticket per member] ※Registration via web or by phone

※Your seat number is attached to your ticket for the All Session Package. On the event day, please exchange it for your seat number while registering.

◆New Fan Club Members Introduction Campaign Package 95,000 yen
[G&LOVERS members can only register once for 1 set (maximum 2 new comers)]※Registration only via web
※ Existing member 45,000 yen+New member 50,000 yen (※New member registraion fee of 7,000 yen included)=95,000 yen

※All seats are fixed, prices include taxes and service charges. A full course meal is included, free-flow of soft drinks, and a door gift.

Ladies: Yukata, Kimono, cocktail dress, dresses suitable for attending weddings and such
Men: Yukata, Kimono, suit, tuxedo, blazer, and such
※There is not changing area in the hotel.
※This is information is valid at present. There may be future changes
For the latest information, please check「GACKT OFFICIAL WEBSITE」.

※The ticket will have the registered member’s name and fan club number printed.
※On the 2 tickets issued for those who registered using the [New Fan Club Members Introduction Campaign],
the registered member’s name and fan club number will be printed.
※The ticket is only for the use of the person whose details are printed on it.
However, only the new member who was introduced can use the other ticket that the introducer has.
※On the event day, we will be verifying your details.
For new members, please bring your personal identification documents and your new admission form.
This time, we will be verifying the name printed on your ticket with the name on your personal identification documents which needs to have a photo of you.
Please bring identification documents which include a photo of yourself.(However, photocopies are not allowed.)
(①Driver’s license ②Passport ③Student identification card with photo ④Resident card with photo)
※If your student identification card has no photo attached, please bring your national health insurance documents instead.
However, national health insurance documents alone are insufficient. Adult Identification IC Card「taspo」is also insufficient.
If you are determined to not be the original holder of the ticket, or if we cannot verify your identity, you will be refused admission into the event venue.
※Preschoolers are not allowed into the event venue.
※There may be additional charges in addition to the original ticket price. Please check the details carefully when registering.
※For more details, please check the E-plus Reception page
※For persons in wheelchairs, after purchasing your tickets, please contact G&LOVERS ( before the event day.
※Please take note that there is the possibility of media coverage on the event.
※Please refrain from direct inquiries to the hotel.
※The hotel has a cloakroom but there is a possibility that it cannot be used.

《1st pre-registration acceptance period》
Registration date/time:15 May 2015 (Fri) 15:00~24 May 2015 (Sun) 18:00

Registration URL: ※compatible with smartphones
※If you are registering using your PC or handphone, you have to register as an E-plus member (free).
For those who have already registered as E-plus members, it is recommended to check your membership status before registering.

Registrarion hotline:0570-06-9909
※Registration for the New Fan Club Members Introduction Campaign Package can only be done online.

※After completion of your registration via phone, you will be given a registration number (4 digits). If your bid is successful

this number will definitely be used so please keep it well.

Applicable members are those who have joined G&LOVERS on or before 30 April 2015.

Registration time/date:15 May 2015 (Fri) 15:00~24 May 2015 (Sun) 18:00
Ballot announcement time/date:29 May 2015 (Fri)13:00~5 June 2015 (Fri) 18:00
Payment time/date:29 May 2015 (Fri)13:00~5 June 2015 (Fri)21:00

Members who have joined on or before 30 April 2015
will need to produce their 「9-digit membership number」 and 「first 3 digits of zip code」while registering for your tickets.
E.g. If your membership number is “012345678” and your zip code is 123-4567, the number required for your entry will be “012345678123”.
※The data required will be as of 30 April 2015.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team