HAPPY SUNDAY LOVERS FAMILY! How are you all? Here’s GACKT ITALIA Staff Blog, so if you missed something about GACKT the last week, you can find here the weekly recap. Let’s start with GACKT x Nestle Game Center video serie!

GACKT X Nestle Game Center #319

I always remind you to look forward for our GACKT x Nestle video subbed for you all…we’ll start subbing those in a few!!! STAY TUNED!!

Here we have Official News translations:


all the Facebook updates:



Takeshi Nakano’s Birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Read this wonderful blog:

GACKT met Aleksandra Lucic some days ago…look at how much beautiful these photos are:

[PHOTOS] GACKT with Aleksandra Lucic – May 15th 2015 [FOTO] GACKT con Aleksandra Lucic – 15 Maggio 2015

GACKT blog translation:


That’s all for today. See you next sunday, WE WISH YOU A WONDERFUL WEEK WITH GACKT AND GACKT ITALIA! Stay tuned~ kisu!