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“Do~re dake~ no~ o~ moi de~ mo~♪♫“
Who’s this… at such a timing…
Yes, hello.

Oh~ it’s you…

“You sound like you’re in a bad mood, what happened?”
… you ask…

My mood huh…
Yeah, it’s indeed bad…

Now, I’m in Vegas…
The fight between Pacqiao and Mayweather
just ended last night.
I was pissed off.
so I’ve been at the gym training since morning…


“So, who won?”
… you ask…

Based on decision,
Mayweather won.
But, it doesn’t make sense.
No matter how you think of it,
whoever watches it,
will say that Pacqiao won.

Pacqiao won the fight.
However, Mayweather won the match…


“I don’t get what you’re saying?”
… you say…

In other words…
it’s because we’re in America.
And the venue is at MGM…


“All the more I don’t get it?”
… you say…

I guess I have to explain the flow of the match…
Although Pacqiao didn’t manage produce a knock out,
for most of the rounds he was pushing Mayweather around,
and it was pretty much a scene where Mayweather kept running around.


Blog-15Mag15-04 Blog-15Mag15-05

However, Pacqiao
couldn’t get Mayweather down.
Like this it wouldn’t work…
In other words, this is America right?

The three judges were all Americans too.
The referee was a black man.

When judging Pacqiao, who is Filipino,
there isn’t a single point merit that can work for him.

above all in an overwhelming way MGM
earns a lot from Mayweather.


Incidentally, another point that can be added is,
the contract between Mayweather and MGM
will only last for one more match. In other words,
if Mayweather loses here,
MGM will have trouble.
The number of customers they can attract will fall.

“Isn’t that cheating then?”
… you ask…

It’s not exactly cheating.
Of course,
the fight between the two of them was great.
Mayweather isn’t weak in any way.
His moves in the match were great too.
When we talk about collecting points
you’ll have to get them with certainty at pivotal points.


in the fight, Pacqiao won.
He really pushed for it in fact.
because Mayweather didn’t get knocked out,
the odds for Pacqiao to win this match
in the first place is very slim. On this,
I believe Pacqiao too would know it.
That’s why,
it is also a fact that he was looking for a knock out.

For example?
“Is MGM famous”
… you ask…


It’s famous.
In Vegas, a fair number of casinoes
are actually under MGM Group.
Bellagio, Arena, Mandalay Bay,
Mirage, Monte Carlo, Luxor,
Just to name a few.
MGM Group is the biggest in Vegas.
The hotel of this MGM Group
was fully booked up
because of this boxing match.

That’s why,
there are many people who didn’t catch the meaning of MGM’s main group.


Blog-15Mag15-09 Blog-15Mag15-10

Normally, you won’t be able to see
a crowd at this level here.
It is to the point where
even just getting a meal,
or to simply head to a restaurant
is almost impossible.
So, what I’m really trying to say is,
until now, to MGM, such a great business benefit
is consistently brought about thanks to Mayweather.

Mayweather and people like him.


the title match this time
raised MGM’s stock prices again.
This world dream match
wouldn’t be possible without MGM after all.
The celebrities of the world were gathered here too.
In addition, the Hollywood actors
and well-known musicians
pretty much declined conversation.

“Why did they decline? The people who called you were special right?”
… you ask…

The venue was filled to the brim
to the point where it’s difficult to even get to your seat.

Seated behind me
was Mark Wahlberg, a famous guy who acted in TED.
It seems like he was the presenter of this time’s match
so he was invited.


Blog-15Mag15-12 Blog-15Mag15-13

Also, next to me
was NBA player Ben Gordon.
In the beginning I didn’t know who he was
but after we started talking I found him to be a great guy who’s frank with his words.
We got along really well.

When I come to America again
we’ll go drinking together.


Blog-15Mag15-14 Blog-15Mag15-15 Blog-15Mag15-16

I didn’t realise but, Paris Hilton
and Beyonce came too it seems.
Also, near me, DiCaprio
came to watch with his friend…
Magic Johnson,
Robert De Niro too,
in other words,
there were many such great people all present.
The business benefit is really big isn’t it?

Incidentally, the price of my seat
has passed the mark of 40 million yen before the match.
That’s the price of a 4th row seat.
I can’t even begin to imagine
exactly how much it would cost to be in a 1st row seat…
It’s probably in the realm of absurdity.


For a seat at a boxing match to reach 40 million yen…
Isn’t it ridiculous?
On my way to the match venue,
I managed to meet an acquaintance who is a chairman.
Then, we headed towards the venue together but…
When we were at the ticket check area…

『Ah~! I got pickpocketed~~~!!!』

he exclaimed, and there was a huge commotion.
On this day, it was a common occurrence.
After all it was a ticket for a seat in my area that was stolen.
The hotel manager was corresponding with others in a big hurry.


Blog-15Mag15-18 Blog-15Mag15-19

It’s because we came through a huger throng of people.
It was a case where we wouldn’t even know when we got pickpocket.
Well, luckily, because it’s an expensive ticket
and the correspondence was quite fast,
he managed to safely get to his seat though…

What on earth was I talking about…
Ah, right.

MGM and Mayweather
has that deep a connection.
Not that I thought the ongoings of the fight was bad.
I’m also not saying that the judges were unfair.

When you play in your own backyard you’d win.
If you don’t at least have that realisation you can’t raise yourself up in the ring right?
That’s all there is to it.




despite of the result, the fight to the end of 12 rounds
was a wonderful performance by the two men.
For Mayweather at 38 to still be able to execute such moves…
that was really something to be impressed about. This time I noticed a big difference.
What I understood well was comparing between Pacqiao who is exciting to watch fighting live,
and Mayweather,
Mayweather is more moving when you watch him on a screen.


Blog-15Mag15-22 Blog-15Mag15-23 Blog-15Mag15-24

In reality,
Pacqiao’s movements are big,
and he attacks aggressively.
In other words he looks flashy.
Audiences too will live and die with each move.
On the other hand,
Mayweather’s boxing style is
to dodge the opponents hits a few millimeters before impact.
It will look like Pacqiao’s glove
moves away from Mayweather’s face on it’s own.

And as a counter,
he will punch his opponent in a split second.

Even from a ringside seat,
Mayweather’s feats of magic are honestly
too fast to the point where you almost wouldn’t know.

If you watched from a seat further away,
you’ll only see that Mayweather is simply running around.


His stunts are not suitable to be watched in live matches.
On television during the commentary and the slow-motion videos,
you will then understand the tremendous technique behind his moves.
That’s why insults were flying around.
Because it looks like Mayweather is simply running around,
the resulting start point was


and insults like that began flying around…
Though I watched on and kept thinking, that’s not right at all…
To someone who is seriously fighting his opponent
there isn’t anything more rude than that.

It’s not that he’s running in circles,
he’s dodging, like a God.


When I was leaving after it ended,
various thoughts bubbled up but,
talking to you like this
I feel more convinced.
In terms of this result,
only the two men who were in the ring
can complain or evaluate it for themselves.

After all,
it’s not something that us as the audience should complain about.
If the two men aren’t convinced with the decision or evaluation,
they can just do another fight anyway…
Well, that’s how it is.


after talking to you
I have once again noticed lots of other things.


I’m going to return to training too.
I’m thinking of putting more effort in.

Well, despite that this place is empty as always.

Anyway, I’ll return to my lonely training.
See ya.

You be a good kid too.
If I go back to Japan I’ll contact you.




My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.

*This is an extract from the GACKT Blomaga.

(Updates thrice a month)

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team