Gokigenyo〜 !!
It’s that time of the year again, it’s time for GACKT ITALIA Meeting for the second consecutive years. We are waiting for you!

You are all welcome to join us in Leolandia, the new Italian theme park. Here below you can find all the information you need.

【Information on Time and tickets】
– Saturday May 30th from 10:00 am till 06:00 pm (Italian time)
– Ticket price: 13.50 €
 Buy tickets online

【How to reach the venue】
– Address: Via Vittorio Veneto, 52, 24042 Capriate San Gervasio (BG)
See it on Google Maps

※ By Car
To reach the venue by car:

  • Autostrada A4/ Espress way A4 (Milano – Venezia)
  • Take the Capriate exit
  • At the traffic circle take the 3rd exit and enter SP 170
  • At the traffic circle take the 2nd exit
  • At the traffic circle take the 1st exit and turn immediately to the right
  • Turn to the right

※ By Taxi
With Radio Taxi Bergamo (Tel +39 035.451.90.90) we have agreed upon a special price of 35€ for this route:

  • from Bergamo Train station to Leolandiawww.radiotaxibergamo.it - 035.451.90.90
  • From Bergamo city center to Leolandia
  • From Leolandia to Bergamo train station
  • from Leolandia to Bergamo city center

Call directly Radio Taxi and reserve your trip! Click here and print the coupon of the agreement to be delivered to the taxi driver to get your discounted fee!

※ By Tran
The closest train station to the park is the Bergamo station. Click here to have more infos regarding the Trenord and NET autobus services to reach the park from the train station closest to you.

※ By Bus
If you depart from Milan or Bergamo you can reach the park with the Z301 line from the public service Nord Est Trasporti. Depending on days and time you can depart from Milan in piazza Beltrami (Cairoli) or Lampugnano. From Bergamo, you can always depart from the autobus station.

In both cases, your stop to arrive to the park is Capriate San Gervasio and it’s situated 500 meters away from the entrance of the park.
This is the green number 800 905150 and the website (click here) of the transportation company, where you can find all the informations.

In the end we suggest you to buy tickets for your trip before leaving, both departure and arrival tickets.

Also, if you are coming from Milan the alternative is the subway: Take the M2-Green subway towards Gessate. Your stop is the end of the line, Gessate stop. Take the Z310 autobus for Trezzo (every 15′.); from there you can reach the park towards Capriata (800 meters)
Click here for more infos on the public transportation to reach the park.

※ By Plane
From the Orio al Serio airport you can reach the Bergamo train station with the 1 ATB line (www.atb.bergamo.it). From here take the Z301 NET line with the Capriate San Gervasio stop, a few meters away from the park. In alternative, from the Bergamo airport you can reach the park in about 20 minutes by taxi or car.

In this occasion, the staff will be filming the SILVER BOX II. For all those who want to participate to the filming, it’s compulsory to wear the school uniform.diviseW

【Uniform rugulations】
To participate in this event, it’s necessary to wear the uniform following the rules listed below.

《Fabrics & Materials》
Leather, silk and velvet are strictly forbidden.
※there are no limit to skirt length and width of pants.

●Uniform composition
The uniform is composed by:
・White buttoned up shirt
・Tartan skirt or one tone skirt for girls
・Trousers or jeans for boys

●For those wearing the normal jacket
・It’s compulsory to wear a whit shirt. It’s forbidden to wear a black shirt.
・It’s compulsory to wear the tie.
・ Pants has to be one tone, checkered pants or striped pants
・ Pants must be at ankle length.
・ The skirt has to be one tone, checkered pants or striped skirt.
・ It’s forbidden to wear a dress.

・people wearing Kimono, Haori, Hakama, Yukata, Jinbei and Chima Chogory won’t be accepted. diviseM

・they are usually accepted any kind of hair style as long as it won’t bother other people around you or the filming.

・ You can wear socks and collants as you wish, you can also stay without any stockings. It’s compulsory to wear shoes.
・It’s forbidden to wear the sweats
・It’s forbidden to wear pants or leggins below your skirt.

For more information regarding the meeting, you an send an email to info@gacktitalia.com with the subject “GACKT ITALIA Meeting II”.
Our staff will answer as soon as possible.