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Tatoe do~nna ni kitsuite mo~~….
Dore dake kitsukukoto in na~tte mo~~…
Yes, hello…

Oh~ it’s you.
It’s been quite awhile hasn’t it.

How’re things?
I see I see.

I’ve been well.

It’s noisy?… you say…

Ah~ right now, I just
arrived in Italy.
Thanks to the jet lag my head’s pretty heavy.


I’ve been in France just until a little while ago though.
Until late at night.

So this morning, I ate bread for the first time in awhile.

Do I eat bread?… you ask…

Well normally I don’t.
I’ve made bread something is abstain from eating.
The only time I do is
when I come to France.

That’s why,
there can be years in between times when I eat bread.
it’s a promise to myself.


Because of that,
for the first time in awhile I had bread this morning.
I woke up early this morning and went to the hotel’s buffet y’know.

an interesting happening
or event occurred.

I was honestly shocked to the point where I thought…
To think that it gets to this point!

If you heard this story you’ll think I’m lying.
Long story short, I was rolling on the ground.
Quite so.

“Hurry up and tell me?”… you say…

Well, don’t worry.
This time,
because it’s just a stop-over at France
I stayed in a hotel near the airport.

Yesterday I arrived late too,
so at the Charles de Gaulle airport there weren’t many people.
I was surprised.


I went to the somewhere near the Eiffel Tower for the first time in
awhile to get a late meal
then just went back to the hotel to sleep.

Then, when I woke up in the morning,
I headed towards the hotel’s buffet area.
What happened there
really makes me laugh so hard at myself.


I entered the buffet and looked around,
no one was there.

It was the situation where I could sit anywhere I wanted on my own.
So, when I decided to take a seat near the entrance,
the staff frantically came towards me
and gestured to me to sit at the next seat.

I got the feeling that they were saying… You can’t sit there.

Well, the place was empty anyway so
without minding or saying anything I simply moved.
To me, as I looked at the scenery outside,
I simply thought that it would be nice if I has a seat that could let
me enjoy the scenery at the entrance.

Well, it’s fine… I thought, and changed seats
and had my cappuccino and croissant.


After awhile,
lots of caucasians streamed into the buffet.
Then, they were brought to the seat where I was at to sit.

I looked on with the expression that said

“Eh? That seat… isn’t not free to be taken…”

The other Caucasians also began to get seated sparsely
at the entrance with good scenery.

Wait a minute,
as a dissatisfied me
took in what was going on
this time a bunch of Asians streamed in.


when they wanted to sit that the tables near the entrance,
the staff gestured towards my area
and gesticulated saying they can’t sit there,
sit here.

Hey, hey,
is that what I think it is? I thought,
and I watched the staff closely.

In less than 10 minutes,
a tour group from China came in.
Of course,
they too wanted to sit near the entrance but,
everyone together,
were forced to sit around my area
and sat in my ever-narrowing space
so to top it off everyone who sat around me were
Well, to be more accurate from my point of view
it was pretty much all Koreans and Chinese who filled up the space.


The seats were already full.
It was to the point where you can’t find a free table.

Then, even more Asians entered the buffet.
Of course,
my surrounding seating area’s already filled up.

Those diners were headed to the empty seats near the entrance
but again the staff directed them away.

『Please sit in that area』

they said.

Do you get it, this?
It’s a discrimination that you can easily discern.
Well, maybe to those people discrimination and distinction
are probably similar.

I wouldn’t know if it’s because of the owner
or the direction of the hotel.

The obviously empty seats near the entrance with nice scenery,
and the overcrowded seats at the back without any scenery.

In the past,
in the eras when South Africa experienced apartheid or
when America has slavery in place,
there were many bars and shops where blacks were not allowed to enter
and you would often see
train carriages specifically for whites were sparsely seated
while the designated train carriages for blacks were overcrowded
you’ll not only have the knowledge of this, but you’ll know what it means.


That’s that.

It was a blow
as I never thought that
I would unbelievable be so openly discriminated.

Whichever country I go to,
Asians will get a certain level of discrimination.
In the past, when I came to France 20 years ago
that discrimination was much worse.

The treatment towards Asians were openly terrible.
Only in recent times that it has become better but.

As I started thinking, “For something like this
to still remain…” I couldn’t stop myself from laughing.


Then, what happened?… you ask…

Just like that, I left the place once.
Then, 2 minutes later, I entered again.

I sat at the tables near the entrance.
Like earlier, the staff from just now approached.

『Please sit over there』

he said.
Then, I asked him with a smile.

『Why? Explain it for me to understand.』

With that, the staff mumbled something to himself.
Since I couldn’t hear what he said,

『Tell me loudly and clearly』

I said to him.
In a resigned manner, he went off to where his other colleagues were
and they started talking while looking at me.

Such things still remain it seems…
This is hilarious.
It’s hilarious.


Aren’t you upset?… you ask…

Even if I got upset nothing would change right?
To complain whenever you’re upset
that’s just arrant nonsense.

Given that,
moving off smoothly with a smile
is much more meaningful, don’t you think?

From morning, it started off with this ridiculous thing.
Of course,
they probably have their own excuses.

for me when I see tour groups from China with members that have no manners
more often than not I feel disappointed.


While waiting for the elevator at the airport,
the Chinese tour group completely ignores queuing
and more often than not, once the doors open, they charge in, racing
to be first.

『Keep the order!』

Even if I say that in Chinese, no one listens.
with people who lack manners like that
I’m sure there are lots of people from various countries who are sick of them.

Of course,
not all Chinese are like that.

To say the least, my friends from China
are all decent.

In the end it’s not about how the country is,
the educated guys will hold on to their manners
and those who aren’t educated won’t give a hoot…
that’s how it probably is.

To the shop’s staff,
they can’t immediately tell
who has good manners
and who doesn’t.

That’s why,
accordingly they decided on this rule…
that’s what came to mind much later.

Of course, I don’t think that it’s okay to have distinction or discrimination.

in this world, there will always be
many cases where discrimination becomes the core of the problems but
those who get discriminated probably have issues too
so everyone should know not to touch that point right?

If that’s the case,
at the very root of it nothing will get solved.

I can’t really string together well
what exactly it is I want to bring across but…
I’ve been thinking about this since morning.
What it is that will solve this difficult issue,
in conclusion would be that unless the level of education was increased
it probably can’t be solved… or
maybe it’s a problem with the parents… or
other various things that have come to mind.

Recently there are many Japanese people without manners too right?

It’s not a problem with the country.

Ah, I have to go soon.
Contact me again.

When am I coming back?… you ask…

Hm, I wonder.
When I feel like it I’ll come back.

See ya.
Be good, yeah.



My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.

*This is an extract from the GACKT Blomaga.

(Updates thrice a month)

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team


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