Tiro tiro tiriri〜〜〜〜ng♪♫・・・・・・・
Tiro tiro tiriri〜〜〜〜ng♪♫・・・・・・・

You again!!!!

What’s up?

You want to hear the continuation of what happened last time!・・・you say・・・

What on earth,
that story that got abruptly cut off?
You roughly…
Right now,
I wanted to take a nap.

It’s only slightly past 12!・・・・ you say ・・・

That’s not the point.
I’m returning from the snow mountain.
I went to have a little look at
the Camui♂Gakuen Snow Sports Festival…

The road home will be long so
I thought of taking a nap.

You want to hear the next part of the story?・・・ you say・・・

Well, fine I guess…
So, what have you heard so far?
Continuing from last time…
what was I talking about I wonder.

I talked about Portugal right?
After Portugal
I went to Madrid.

Where’s Madrid?・・・ you ask・・・・

The capital of Spain!
Spain’s Madrid.
Don’t you know?
Well, it’s fine.

On my last day in Portugal
first thing in the morning I headed off to
Portugal Air’s service centre.


My secretary gave me a call,
saying that they’re worried about whether or not
my tickets have been booked so
“Please go to the ticket centre and check with them directly!!!!”
was what they told me.

First thing in the morning,
I set out in search of the ticketing centre.


I’ve never been to such places before so
it’s a pretty rare experience for me… and I felt moved.

I was soon able to confirm that I indeed have my seat
so I walked outside for awhile.
Beautiful landscape was unexpectedly found in the middle of the streets.


because I still had time
I went to relax in a cafe.
What surprised me was
the price.

Was it really expensive?・・・ you ask・・

That’s not it.
It’s the other way around, the opposite.
It was really really cheap.
Somehow I can’t really understand the balance behind it.

There was a tremendous amount of bread displayed…
And they were pretty cheap!
The kind of prices that they asked for
are so cheap that you wonder if they can cover their capital.



There were even those sold at 400yen
that looks like they can fill your stomach.

What on earth is the balance… I wondered while
drinking my cappuccino and watched the going-ons in the shop.
Lots of people were all buying coffee and bread.
Well, it could be because it’s cheap but.
In any case, it’s really a lot of people.



To enjoy passing time it really depends on the place.
I get to see all kinds of people.

I’ve not been able to spend time like that so
while thinking “this feels somewhat nostalgic…”
I probably spent about an hour
relaxing and enjoying myself there.

I went back to the hotel and called a cab…
and did the standard things as early as possible.

Why in such a rush?・・・ you ask・・・

Previously at Spain some things happened…
Because I can’t read European languages that much.
If I don’t do everything as soon as possible
doing it last minute hastily is a pain right?


I left the hotel a little earlier
and finished the procedures quickly.

While you still have leeway, you have to get moving.
Well, coming from me who normally moves around slowly,
it’s probably quite an impossible conduct though.



Because previously the repeated problems that happened in Spain were really troublesome.
I always perfectly prepare to board the plane perfectly
and wait.

Well, in a Europe where I can’t read time
if I don’t do things this way
I’ll become the idiot.

Even when you look out of the plane window down at Portugal
you can tell how beautiful it is in on glance.
This city is really wonderful.


So, in less than an hour we touched down in Madrid.
It’s in a flash.
It’s probably even closer than the distance between Tokyo and Osaka.

Madrid is suited with Portugal.

How did I know so soon?・・・ you ask・・・

I wonder…
Often when I look at a city
I tend to intuitively get that right.
It’s important to know things intuitively.



The city of Madrid is really beautiful.
How do I put this…
Along with the kind of atmosphere you get in London…
the people have more warmth too I guess.

Also, the colour of the sky is great.
I don’t really like London’s skies but
the feel of the air in Madrid is really good.

If that chill wasn’t around it would be the best.



I wandered around the city for awhile
and then entered a café to have a look at what it’s like inside.

Though it’s a café it’s great.
Although you can easily tell by looking at the people in the city.
Regardless of the citizen or the people, you can tell.

You see the fashion trends.
Also, you can discern what kind of music they like too.




Though I only found out later on.
It appears that this shop is pretty famous.
It’s also said that the food is good but
well, I’ll just have tea here then go back.

In any case, it’s cold, outside.
As you know,
my normal body temperature is cold so I really don’t deal with the cold well.
The wind is dry so it makes my skin hurt too…



There were many pretty girls.
I wonder if it’s right to say that the atmosphere is nice…
All their smiles were beautiful.

Maybe its the vibe of the people who live here.

Vibrators are for sex!・・・ you say・・・ (Note: “baibu” can be read as “vibe” but is also used as a short-form for “vibrator”)

I’m not talking about that kinda vibrations!!
You’re definitely more perverted than I am!!!

“Vibe” refers to
the feel of the air or the atmosphere or the influences around you…
That’s what it means!


When you walk around a city you can feel the air right?
For example, Fukuoka and Osaka are completely different right?
This・・・is what you’re supposed to be feeling!!!

Well… It’s fine I guess…
That’s the main point.

Where there no “happenings” in Madrid?・・・ you ask・・・

Don’t speak with such an expectant tone…
There was, there were “happenings”!

It happened at night.
I asked the hotel concierge
to make a reservation at a Thai restaurant.

it turned to night and I took a cab.
The taxi driver couldn’t speak a word of English…

Then, for some reason he was driving at high speeds.


“Is the place that far away??”
I started wondering, and no matter what I said to the driver
he only said things that I couldn’t really understand.

Well, forget it… I thought…
and when I looked at the charging meter


it’s accumulated to an unfamiliar figure.
It’s already more than 6,000 yen.
So, the place he brought me to, somehow,
was a casino outside of town…

『Why on earth a casino! I said Thai food!!!』

Even though I said that,
the driver made a gesture that seemed to mean【I don’t understand anything at all】.

Hey, hey… I started thinking
and when I tried to contact the concierge,

『It seems like the person is unavailable… Sorry~♡』

So, from there the high speed ride continued…
Give me a break… I thought, but
Because I’m overseas, I have no choice… I guess…

Source: OH! MY! GACKT! Blomaga

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team