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It’s been awhile but I’ve returned to Japan.
To celebrate with the graduating students of
Jonan Ryoso High School in Kyoto’s Uji.

Right after coming back to Japan,
I started whipping my rusty body, from being in the plane, back in shape.
In other words, I got my emotions back in shape.


After having a good sweat,
I soon headed off to ride the bullet train.

For the first time in awhile, I’m headed to Kyoto.
For some reason that gave me a strange feeling.

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The speeding bullet train was rattling.

In the past, before I first went to Tokyo,
I’ve lived in Kyoto before but,
after a number of years being in Tokyo,
I had a very strong feeling of
“returning to Kyoto”.

But, today is completely different.
It’s not weird or a lack of willingness,
but its more like visiting Kyoto now
has a new sense to it.

The sense of distance in a person is a really strange thing.
In the past you’ll think that something was really far away
but right now it feels close by.

Maybe it’s apparent because
I’ve been travelling so many times around Japan, and in and out to various countries.

In a flash, I arrived in Kyoto
and I moved off in a taxi.

In a dark and empty school building,
was a lonely looking
lit up gymnasium.

When I opened the doors,
I saw that the small gymnasium
was filled with benches
impatiently awaiting the next day’s graduation ceremony.


there will be a few teachers waiting around but
this time only the principal
and the sports teacher in charge of the gymnasium was there.

This time,
to prevent rumours from spreading, the principal told no one
and wanted to make this surprise a success.

When we shook hands, his strength surprised me.

『I thank you in advance』

the principal’s wonderful voice resonated.
Each time, I’ll definitely greet the principals of the respective schools first.
this is the first time that I have been left with such an impression.
Unsure about what to express,
passionate, yet kind,
and overflowing strength.


Immediately, we did our sound test.
We definitely will check it a few times over.
To be able to deliver well to all the students in the gymnasium,
the teaches, and the relatives or parents participating.

To be able to hold a precious farewell
that will be a graduation ceremony to remember for your entire life.


The gymnasium at this time of the night is cold.
The penetrating cold was severe too.

Even so, to not draw attention,
with the smallest possible staff size,
we continued preparing for the next day
in the night where no students were about.


About an hour later,
after we’ve checked the sound in different spots,
I spoke to the principal.

『For tomorrow’s graduation ceremony, I’ll give them the best possible adornment』

『I sincerely thank you!』

The final exchange with the principal was, as expected, passionate.
As I drew away from the school,
I wondered if there was something special that he had in mind…?

The next day,
we started preparing first thing in the morning.
As the NicoVideo live broadcast
has to be filmed too,
everyone was hastily working from morning.


Before noon,
to no draw attention, we entered from the school’s back door,
and were brought to the classroom that was turned into the waiting room.

Waiting there,
was a wonderful lady.

『I am the Principal’s wife…』

she said with a deep bow.
This time around,
to deliver this surprise present to the students
the principal did not share a word with the other teachers
and decided to make it happen on his own.

the looks of disbelief of the young teachers who have not heard of this plan before
until the day of the event
really surprised me.


『If even the smallest rumour gets out
GACKT-san will become encumbered with it
so please keep it from everyone else until the very end
as per the wishes of my husband』

she conveyed to them. Then, she continued,

『This time, it will also be the final one for my husband.
As it has been confirmed that he will be retiring this year.』

When I heard that
I came to the realisation
that this was the reason why he was so passionate.

On this day,
where for the principal as well, it will be his last graduation,
the principal has earnest feelings of
wanting to give the best possible gift to the graduating students.
When I digested those thoughts
my chest suddenly tightened with heat.

『I hope to give the best possible gift
for this graduation ceremony like what the principal wishes』

I said to his wife
and she smiled brightly at me

『I sincerely thank you』

with the same passion as the principal, she bowed again.

Wonderful isn’t it… really.
For the students to be able to fatefully meet such teachers
I sincerely think that it is an exceptionally lucky thing.

The graduation ceremony proceeded to its end without incident and it’s finally time to move out.
The principal called out to me at the end.
The doors opened and I stepped into the hall.

Not only the students
but the parents, guardians and teachers as well erupted with a roar.
The overwhelming emotions in the hall was amazing but
the principal overlooked it all with a calm demeanour.
As I looked at the figure of the principal,
I lightly smiled to him
and he returned with a strong nod.


I went up the stage,
and the students that I saw
still held expressions of disbelief.

is what hear here and there but
I’m the real thing・・・』



The students in the hall had really splendid faces.
The principal who looked upon them looked even more happy.

What was it.
For the first time in awhile the back of my chest felt warm.
It was a different kind of warmth than normal,
it smouldered in the back of my chest.

『This year, not only you
but the principal who will be graduating with you
has prepared this surprised for you』

I said,
and the principal stood up straight
and shyly nodded.
The thankfulness of everyone on venue could be felt.


After that,
I performed a song for them.
Amongst the students who were listening
there were quite a few who were trying to hold back their tears desperately.

As the song ended,
everyone had happy faces as they looked to each other
and applauded.

To those students,
I delivered a final message to them.

It’s something I always say but
I don’t know how many students have received it.
within all of them, if just one perosn
after 10 or 20 years
becomes someone who can become a strong contributor to this country,
or, becomes someone who can deliver a wonderful era
for the children who will be living out our future, that is enough for me.

『Dreams are not meant to be just dreamt
Dreams are meant to be realised
To realise a dream
for that, you have to go through with a strong will』

My favourite quote
is from Yoshida Shion.

『A man without dreams has no ideals
A man without ideals has no plans
A man without plans has no actions
A man without actions has no success
A man without dreams has no success』

My name is GACKT・・・。
My motto is『Mr.MESSENGER』

These thoughts that have been inherited from the distant past
make up my words,
and I hope from the bottom of my heart
that I can deliver this message to if not one but many students.



My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.

*This is an extract from the GACKT Blomaga.

(Updates thrice a month)

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