Tiro tiro tiriri〜〜〜〜ng♪♫・・・・・・・
Tiro tiro tiriri〜〜〜〜ng♪♫・・・・・・・

Hey, it’s you.
It’s been awhile. How’ve you been?

Where am I?… you ask.


I’m arriving in Japan soon.
I’m writing the Blomaga in the plane.
I wonder if we’re landing soon?

『Your phone can get a connection in the plane?』・・・you ask.

Recently I’ve been able to.
Surprised right?
Just using normal WiFi I can get calls.
Well, it depends on the airline though.

In the past,
to be able to use a phone while in the plane
was quite expensive…

These days,
you can just normally connect using your phones.
Of course,
it will depend on which country’s skies you’re in.


『How was Portugal?』・・・ you ask.

Hey you, know quite a bit huh…
It seems like you know every detail
of wherever it is I travel to…

That’s kinda scary…
Well, whatever.

Portugal was a nice place.
Well, besides that the food wasn’t all that nice.

Though I went around and tried various foods.
I was honestly shocked…
By how bad the food tasted.

But, the streets were really beautiful.
All around, it was filled with gardens that had a casual beauty.


It was really beautiful.
The streets are split into the new and the old areas.
I stayed in the older area but
in any case, just one word describes it, beautiful.


Structures that were built in the past were left as they were.
Even so,
they’re not as old as you’d think.

Actually, Portugal’s towns
all collapsed once before due to a huge earthquake.


Portugal became perched on a hill.
The whole town.
So, the people who survived the earthquake
fled the hill all at once.
After that,
the town was devastated by a huge tsunami
and it seems like most of the people got swallowed up by it.
It happened in 1755.

Apparently around 60,000 people perished.
It’s a tragic story…

In other words, the structures that were built after that
have remained until now.
For 250 years.

『I had no idea』・・・ you say?

Well, the world is huge.
Many things have happened.
Ever since this year started various things have occurred right?
It would be good
if you cast your eyes out and had a look at what’s happening in world more.
Japanese people don’t know too much.

Blomaga-10Mar15-06 Blomaga-10Mar15-07

Well, back to what I was saying…
When I left the gardens and walked on the streets for awhile,
I arrived at yet another garden.
I only walked for that short a distance but
for some reason, when I got to the cobble stoned slope,
it was a real challenge to walk.

But it was beautiful, really, the streets.
To say beautiful isn’t quite accurate though…
【It’s got flavour】
This phrase is probably most suited.


All the streets had vehicles parked on the sides.
It’s probably something to do with the culture.
in the middle of the older streets,
they probably surround the tram.

『What’s a tram?』・・・ you ask ・・・

Have you ever heard of…チンチン電車 (Pronounced chin-chin-den-sha)?
It runs through the middle of the streets.
That’s why,
the scene of the cars and a train lined up next to each other
is normal here.

But despite that.
Because the streets are fairly narrow,
so the picture has a strange kind of impossibility to it.

Blomaga-10Mar15-09 Blomaga-10Mar15-10

for some reason, all of the trams
have paintings on them.
In other words, graffiti.
Isn’t that interesting?
This is also a form of culture.

Blomaga-10Mar15-11 Blomaga-10Mar15-12

When you mention Lisbon, trams will come to mind,
it’s that famous, really.
From a long time ago, that was all I know about this place.
Tourists will definitely ride it.

Did I ride it?… you ask.

I have a phobia of trains…
I get dizzy so it’s impossible…

Blomaga-10Mar15-13 Blomaga-10Mar15-14

The scenery from the top of the hill is the best.
more than saying that it’s a definite occurrence in the park,
there are people who be in the area
and with coffee or tea.
It’s probably considered a street stall…

In any case, Portuguese
really like their coffee.
Their characters are warm too.
There are few aggressive people.
Also, there are many famous artistic people around.


After descending the hill,
between the buildings I caught sight of the sea.
This scenery is probably only available in this country.
It made me curious.

My legs were tired but,
for some reason I walked this slope.


probably because this street
has many shops lined up together that I found it interesting.

That as well,
is probably one of the reasons why this country maintained its landscape as it is.


In any case,
I get the impression that there are often traffic jams.
Well, it’s of course.
Because all the cars are moving around the trams.

In the first place it’s a kind of impossibility.
That being so, the residents of the older streets
should be fine with just the trams alone.
If they did that,
the streets will definitely be made strangely
and traffic jams will disappear.

Everyone will end up using the trams…


When I reached the sea side,
flat land started to increase greatly.
Just by walking, you’ll naturally notice.
You’ll get the idea that you’re pretty close to the sea.

all the places that I went to by chance on my first day
were actually all famous places, or so I heard.
Because everyone gathers and waits there.
On the previous night,
on my own, I shook up the place.


Did I not get along with someone?… you ask.

Hey you, aren’t you sharp…
Well, that.
I got into the good favour with an auntie
and she gave me a whole bunch of directions and tips.

She was a wonderful person.


She’s an artist too.

Her place was in short amazing.
Whether to say that it’s cool
or artistic…

In any case,
it was artistic.

I’ve never seen a place like this in Japan.

Source: OH!! MY!! GACKT!!

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team