Surprise Birthday Celebration from GACKT

Good morning everyone
Last night GACKT gave me a surprise birthday celebration
Furthermore, the birthday cake came with a message from GACKT and a picture of us

Mayo Kawasaki Blog_01

We had hot pot for dinner
Wait a minute!!
Ah~ Shocking!
GACKT had in his hands
mountains of red peppers
In fact, on the table
there was already one plate of those  !!
Mayo Kawasaki Blog_02
The peppers were dumped into the hot pot
Do I eat this!?
do i blow out the fire !?
Mayo Kawasaki Blog_03
GACKT’s hotpot is scary!!
While sweating
I ate it!!
And the birthday present from GACKT is
vintage Japanese sake
Furthermore a cigar came with it!!
While drinking the sake and enjoying its flavours
and in addition to that
enjoying the cigar’s aroma while it’s in the wrapper
I can fully enjoy the rich flavours
Because it’s from the king of Kakuzuke Check GACKT
these flavours should be the real thing!!

Mayo Kawasaki Blog_04 Mayo Kawasaki Blog_05

GACKT thank you!!
Thank you everyone!!
Well, today
I’ll work hard at the filming for a program!!
Is the spice okay for you?

Source: Mayo Kawasaki Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team