On March the 2nd, the musician GACKT performed a concert for graduation ceremony to which he was un expectedly invited.
This event was broadcasted on NicoNico channel 「GACKT Guerrilla LIVE ~ somewhere close in Japan」, this city is Osori. This event, to which GACKT participates, repeats every year. The schools that accepted this offer can enjoy a free concert.


Just like the past years, with the support of Chachamary and YOU, GACKT started broadcasting from a simple car. He talked about the meaning of being invited to these graduation ceremonies. In the world, there are rumors that he only does it because of the advertisement, but GACKT says: 「Everyone knows what GACKT does – he continues –  if I was able to pat the shoulders of the kids that are working hard through my songs I will be very happy」.「Fame won’t last forever, but I have to do things like this till I have a certain influence」and for the artists that have a certain popularity it’s not just a simple event, but they consider it as a mission to be completed.

In this school, the directive wasn’t informed and the post for the graduation party was removed, the prefixed day, since the principal kept it hidden to the professors, he was the only one to know all this and we were able to do this surprise live.

Afterwards, from a secondary entrance of the gym out of use, designated to the graduation party, GACKT appeared. Both parents and students were surprised by the appearance of the famous star. GACKT, once on stage, added laughing: 「A fake? Listen to my voice, it’s really me!」. After the speech regarding the reasons to held this live, they payed the respects to the school principal and GACKT sang『No ni saku hana no you ni』. Playing with no electric guitars but accompanied only by acustic guitars, the principal and the students took their places.

At the end of the concert, GACKT left a message for all the students.

「We can’t see dreams, they are something we want to make come true, so let’s do it.. and believe in this until the end. May your wishes all come true in the future! Congratulations for your graduation!」

Coming back to the car, GACKT said:「For how long will we be able to continue? 」. Every time we do this event, I feel amazing feelings and I have faith in the future 「Sometimes I feel disgusted by everything, but when I do a performance like this, I feel like something in the world can change and it can be better」








Source: Dwango.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team