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In a flash,
my time in Barcelona has come to an end.
I wasn’t there to specially visit places
or do sight seeing and stuff.

To me, going overseas,
is to wander around the streets freely,
go looking around at real estate,
and think about things that have me interested.

the scenery I catch between buildings will stop me in my tracks,
or I’ll stare at the interesting scenes that I see from the car window…
things like that.

That, to me,
are the actions that make daily life more interesting.

Within that, if I’m in a country that give me lots of feelings
that other countries can’t,

『Anyway, maybe I’ll try staying here・・・』

is how it will become.


Recently, I’ve been able to think in simpler terms than before
about which country I would like to live in.
In other words, putting it simply,
without thinking too heavily on it,
I don’t need that much time to take action or make a decision,
is what I mean.


Because life is short.
All the time
and at every moment, that’s in a corner of my head.

『How much more time do I have left…』

No one can tell you the answer to that.

But for myself,
I think that I definitely don’t have that much time.

is not that I’m thinking negatively,
it’s because I’m realistically basing it off my experiences and
because only I can sensitively assess the state of my body,
that I can say this sentence positively.


If this was a normal instance,
you’ll probably find it sad to hear this.
After I say that,
I’ll definitely follow it up with this.

『That’s why until the end I’ll be smiling』

That is GACKT.

People have limits.
No, living things all definitely have limits.
That’s why, it’s beautiful.

It’ll definitely fall.
Someday, for sure.

That’s why,
that’s why in this moment become a flower in full bloom.


You understand right?
What I’m trying to say.
Those who don’t get it should just stop reading.
I’m not talking about difficult stuff.
I don’t intend to explain.

I just want you to feel and understand it.

Now, back to topic…

While driving through the streets,
various scenery will appear.

In other words, 『encounters』.

Not with people.
Encounters with scenery.
That’s why, I’ve always found it annoying
when people say that if you don’t go on foot it’s not good.

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Be it beautiful architecture,
or tourists with their mouths agape,
there are times when you’ll be unsure as to
which scenery piques your interest more
Whichever it is, it’s interesting.
Being able to encounter such scenes
is also because you set foot outside.

I’m tired of that.

This time, various things happened
in Barcelona.

And I met some wonderful people.
When I brought up the tragic Barcelona food story,

『I would definitely want you to try out this restaurant! 』

they said, and introduced me to this place in the city.

Basically, the meal times in Barcelona are late.
Whichever restaurant it is, the earliest they open is 8 at night.

For me, who starts eating
at 5:30 in the evening,
this is a pretty painful thing.

I made a reservation at this recommended restaurant at 8:30.


It was pretty confusing getting to the restaurant.
『Is it really fine opening a restaurant in a place like this… 』

I thought, when I found the short-split curtain
of the restaurant in a secluded location.

When I set foot in the restaurant,
I was brought to my seat by a staff with a nice smile.

As expected the smiles in Spain are great.
Regrettable, regrettable,
previously I got terribly cheated by this smile.

This time I’ll brace myself well!
I thought while I remained in my seat
at the counter.

sitting at a counter in Japan and stuff like that,
I haven’t done in years.
Because I can’t eat comfortably.


Sitting at the counter for the first time in awhile was unexpected and nostalgically happy.
The chefs were hastily working away of front of me.

There aren’t any other guests yet.

After awhile,
a man who reminded me of a general stood before me.

『Eh…. ◎◎-san recommended me… 』

I asked, unsure. Then,

『Eh…. Camui-san???』

he replied me with a smile.

『Yes, that’s right. I’ve been looking forward to today.』

The two chefs who stood next to the general
poked him with their elbows a few times.
They desperately whispered to him

『It’s GACKT san!GACKT san!』

they said a number of times
but the general continued speaking with a blank face.

『Ah, apologies!
I came here from Japan 17 years ago so
I don’t really know you so
Well… Aren’t you cool〜Gahahahaha』

and he said in his own pace.


He’s an open-hearted man…
Even to me,
he went on as per his general-isque form
i was strangely happy.
『To come to a sushi restaurant and say that I don’t eat rice is
pretty rude but, is it okay?』

I asked, and to that the general said.

『Ah~ is that so, an allergy.
That being said, noodles or flour are a no-go as well!? 』

He went on with his own pace.
It seems that he’s the type that don’t really listen.

『No, they’re fine. I don’t eat rice and bread but,
if it’s noodles I can eat it』

I replied, and…

『No~, can’t have flour too huh・・・』

he said as he held his head so、

『General!Noodles and flour are okay!』

I said loudly. To that he grinned and said

『Ahhhhhhhhh I see! That’s great!
If that’s the case, i can think of a few things!』

and began giving orders at his pace.


He’s an interesting person.
I think his name was Hideki-san.
He’s probably my age or a year older? So with that
we started talking quite a bit bout various things.
While talking, I looked around me and
more customers were starting to come in.

From that time to about another hour after the shop became filled up.

I remember feeling oddly reassured
when i looked at the chopsticks and the chopsticks rest before me.


Then, the first dish was served.
I gave it a taste.

Hm, it’s delicious.

『General, this is delicious…』

『Nah, it’s just a plain old miso soup.
But, that’s great〜!It suits your palate!』

he continued saying with a face full of smiles.
As a matter of fact, it really is delicious.


When this was served I initially was wondering what on earth it is but
it was a really nostalgic taste.
『In any case,
it’s because all the ingredients I can get in Spain
are delicious and fresh!』

he said with confidence.
It feels good.
He will definitely, dish by dish, explain every aspect of if.
Then to the Spanish people next to me in Spanish,
and to the other customers in English.
To the Chinese customers, he explains in Chinese.

This restaurant appears to have their chefs
made out if Chinese, Spanish and Japanese people.


The next dish served was sashimi that was beautifully plated,
and while applying the youngsters’ lingo in the sashimi’s explanation,
『It’s from the Japanese Archipelago…
just kidding. Gahahahaha』

It’s delicious.
It’s a foreign approach to sashimi.
The taste, is exceptionally delicious.

No matter what sashimi, it has to be fresh,
and the cutting method has to be good.
It’s not only about the ingredients.


The next dish served was prawn.
『Because it’s fresh,
please eat it with your hands!』

Once again,
the freshness was brought out.
Of course, there was no smell.

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somehow from the prawn’s head, eel (unagi) popped out.
I was surprised by this.
being able to eat something this soft surprised me again.
Without much thought, because it was too delicious, I said

『Hideki-san, this is really delicious!
I never thought I’d be able to have such eel overseas!』

He said,
It’s all about『insistence』.

I naturally have the responsibility of being the face of Japan,
because of that, I cannot serve anything sloppy.

I cannot do sloppy work.

If customers can fall in love with Japan with this shop being the spark…
with those thoughts, he goes through with his insistence.

I’m the same.

I always apply an insistence.
There are definitely many times when I meet opposition.
But before you can go through with your insistence, you’ll definitely meet opposition first.


The restaurant can take about 50 customers.
Comparing with that, there are 25 staff members.
If you hear this you’ll get the impressions that there are too many staff but that isn’t the case.
Of course,
if you’re thinking about finances you’ll definitely believe that having fewer staff is better.
But, just to
prepare the food,
cook, display,
to serve customers at a high standard,
it’s only natural that you need a lot of people.

I think that it’s good like that.

With insistence, you’ll definitely need money.
But, the number of people who aim for such standards are only that few.

The customers next to me
from start to end kept saying「Wonderful…..」.
It was really moving.

Isn’t this akin to creation?
It’s not that as long as you spend money that you can create great things.

While pursuing your insistence, to have to spend money to get there is something you can’t avoid.
The most important thing above chasing after what you want
is whether you can deliver it well or not.


After that, the following dishes
were all delicious no matter what was served.

After having a good conversation with the general,
he walked me out
to get a cab back.
During the meal, the general disappeared from sight a few times but,
I think he was searching online thoroughly about what we talked about.

He’s an interesting man.

I managed to meet with a wonderful person.
I’m glad I set foot outside.

Yet again,
I managed to learn something precious again.

My name is GACKT…
My motto is『Mr. ENCOUNTER』

A person lives to encounter other people.
Because of your encounters,
you’ll be able to grow a lot.

I am sincerely thankful for this new encounter.



My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.

*This is an extract from the GACKT Blomaga.

(Updates thrice a month)

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