Yes… Hello………

Ah… It’s you…

In a bad mood? you ask…

……. it’s bad… quite so.
To the point where I wonder whether today’s filled with bad luck…
too many various things happened…

Honestly I’m tired.
Pretty tired.

And, I’m tired today too…
I’m so tired that I laughed…


It’s better if I went home to sleep… you say.

Exactly because it’s this kind of a day
that I’m not sleeping and am going through a whole bunch of things outside!

It’s not something that happens often.
So it becomes a waste
if you don’t get entertained by it right?

Today is a day that you’ll never be able to repeat right?

Even so!!!!

Where am I… you ask?

I’m in Lisbon… in a Japanese restaurant.

Is Lisbon in South America….. Hey what!!!

Portugal, it’s in Portugal!!
Europe’s most south-western end.
Why don’t you know about Portugal,
tempura and castellas,
they come from Portugal.

The word tempura has Portuguese origins!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… you say…


Are you impressed.
That’s not the main point.


I like Japanese restaurants right?… you say…

That’s not it.
I didn’t specifically look for a Japanese restaurant.

I asked the taxi driver
to bring me to a cool bar
and for some reason I was brought here…

In the first place maybe he didn’t understand me?

At this point, I can only laugh.
Even so!!!

……… well, it’s fine…

I’ll talk about it later.
Today was a full day of awfulness.

Because it started from morning.
I was traveling from Barcelona to Lisbon right?
and since it was a 2 hour flight,
I thought it was going to be an easygoing time.

So, I went to the airport early
and went to relax with a cup of cappuccino.


I don’t like rushing around.
So normally I’ll get moving ahead of time.

While thinking that today I have extra time
I had my coffee while looking around.

Of course,
I could go to the lounge too but
that’s not fun right?

So I went wandering around and shopped for various things.


In the airports, you can see each country’s characteristics.
Of course,
it’s not just the architecture of the airport,
the atmosphere in the shops, the brands on display,
and even the ambiance of the staff working there are different.


While enjoying all that,
I was shopping, you see.

In Japan’s airports the staff are very modest.
In this Barcelona airport,
it’s as if they think they’re higher ranking than you,
they kind of arrogant.

It’s not really at a level where I’ll get bothered but,
when you compare this with other countries, how do I say this…
Comparing with Asians or something,
anyone would probably think so…
Well, that’s fine as it is.

It was about time to board so
I figured I should get to the boarding gate, you see.

What’s sloppy about this country is,
it is common for them to only confirm the boarding gate
20 or 30 minutes before time.

That’s why, the boarding gate area tends to get very hectic.
I, to some extent, will predict the gate
and will head there first so
I don’t have to run to the gate noisily.


This time as well, to a certain extent,
I have my predictions so
when they announced the boarding gate
I was already near it.

I have extra time right?

I was sitting and waiting in an empty area
right next to the boarding gate, you see.

Because Europe’s boarding gates no matter where are especially hectic.
I don’t really like such an atmosphere.
That’s why I’m sitting and waiting in an empty area.


While on the way there.
There were quite a few units that were shuttered.
Maybe it’s due to the bad economy, but it’s strangely lonely.

Spain is in an economic crisis so,
the economy tumbled quite significantly and
it’s yet to fully recover.

Well, so maybe it’s because of that or something else,
that there were many shuttered shops.

In any case,
it’s fine with me.

When I looked over
at the people who are boarding the same plane as me,
I thought… everyone is hastily rushing in.


12:30 is the departure time,
and I first sat down in this seat at around 12:00 probably…
And, the passengers are hastily flying in.
There really aren’t that many people.

Then, when those people have cleared out,
I finally calmly took my ticket
and slowly walked over.
It was 12:20.

Then, when I was about to enter,
「It‘s too late!」 (english)
they told me.

I thought while looking at my watch
It‘s at 12:20 yet,
I don’t get what you are talking about????」 (english)

I said in English.
Following that,

“The plane already left. It’s too late!”

was what they said.
Wait a minute!!!!!!!

I’m not too late right.
It’s only, 12:20 now.
Moreover, just now right before me there were passengers right?
When I said that,
the ticketing auntie said

“You shopped too much.
If you had the time to wander around,
why didn’t you wait here?”

Fuck!!! I wanted to say but,
even if I got angry now there was no use so,
I calmly spoke to the auntie.

“You know,
in the first place isn’t your attitude is weird?
I’ve been sitting there and waiting the whole time.
I wasn’t wandering around.
can’t I board the plane even though I’ve been waiting since before boarding time?
Furthermore, there wasn’t any announcement made at all.
Isn’t it weird?”

Following that, she ended it with

“Your baggage has been taken out so
please go to the check-in counter again
and get a new ticket!!!”

and ran off.

Hey hey hey hey hey,
wait a minute now.
So you’re saying,
my luggage that was packed in the plane
has been removed so
that means that no matter how it’s already been taken out by 12:15 right?

No matter how I think of it its so strange that I’m not convinced.
But, the auntie has already disappeared in a hurry…

Without knowing the reason why,
I went to the check-in counter.

I’m really pissed off but
I have already
decided to quit getting angry from last year.

Why??… you ask…

Various reasons.
Great of me right?
I’m becoming more mature right?

When I’m angry its close to the equivalent of me deciding to hit the person so,
when there’s no need to raise a hand
I decided to quit getting angry in vain and raising my voice in vain.

even if I yelled at such an auntie I’ll still be stuck anyway,
I figured in any case
I’ll head to the check-in counter and see what I can do.


So I did that.

This time,
Air Portugal’s check-in counter can’t be found!!!
It disappeared!!!

Huh???, I thought,
when I went to the area where Air Portuga’s counter was at,
a man was sitting there.
Then, when I asked him,

“Air Portugal’s check-in counter won’t open until the evening.
So check online.”

… was what he said.
Ever heard of something this stupid?
Then, because that was pretty irresponsible,

“Where’s the in-charge for Air Portugal in this airport?”

I asked, and everyone shrugged their shoulders.


Is there ever such a thing???
In any case,

“Whatever’s fine so
tell me right now
where I can find out more about the current situation of Air Portugal!”

I said, and they replied

“Maybe the service centre would know…”

What kind of vague answer…

I was getting pretty angry but
even if I did it wouldn’t change a thing.
I’ll go to the service center then.
Along with the luggage I picked up.

When I went there right…
There wasn’t anyone around…

Then, what’s happened here??
I thought, then I saw a piece of paper placed on the side,

《On break until 1:30…》

it said….
The service center’s service is bad!!!!!

This is shocking…
And, I don’t have a choice so I waited there.

Just moving is bothersome already.


This is already frustrating enough
and with overweight baggage – FUCK!! FUCK IT!!

But, I didn’t yell!

While slowly dousing the rage in my heart,
I waited for an hour…

… but isn’t it strange?
Even though it’s stated that break is until 1:30,
it’s already 2 and they haven’t returned…

“What one earth,
what’s going on, this country…!”
I thought.
And when it passed 2 I turned back to look,
and the service center auntie nonchalantly returned.

I’ve been waiting for you〜〜〜〜〜〜〜!!!!

I thought.

But… I won’t get angry…


Like an auntie
who is coming back from the fields like nothing happened…

Thou shalt fear Spain’s aunties!!!!
Coming back at some in-between timing…
If that’s how it’s going to be,
don’t state the time〜… I thought but
I’ll definitely… not get angry…

If I get angry I’ll have lost… If I get angry I’ll have lost…
I repeated in my heart over and over while I explained my situation.

because this auntie isn’t fluent in English,
I gave up explaining halfway…

Seriously, the service is amazing… really.
in any case I switched to doing what I have to get done first,
and checked if I could get a ticket for the next flight.

So, somehow I managed to keep my seat…

The next flight is in the evening.
Then, once again
I have to go to the check-in counter to put in my baggage.
When I asked what time the flight was,
she said its at 17:30.
“So, what time does the check-in counter open?”
I asked, and she said
from 16:00 to 16:30.
Hey hey hey hey,
is there ever such a sloppy thing??

You guys always say
we should normally reach the airport 2 hours in advance
and check in but,
what with that kind of sloppy time setting!!!

But… I won’t get angry…………

In any case, it seems like
tonight’s dinner will have to be taken in the airport so
I decided to first settle my dinner.

Isn’t that great…. you say??

Hey you,
in everything that I just said
where do you find any great elements!

… well, it’s fine……..

I went to have my meal…

There isn’t any place to have a meal…


Then, somehow I searched…
and I found this place
that probably had edible food.

I thought “My precious one and only meal in a day〜〜〜!!!!!!”
while ordered with a smile.

As I held onto the thought,
“All in all,
I’ll definitely break free of this country
with unreasonable aunties!!!”,
I was the first to board the plane
before time!!!


Serves you right!!! Spain!!!
I don’t know if someone has said this before but,
when I got to my seat in the plane,
my emotions strangely welled up.


Damn it〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜!!!!!!!!!
Damn it〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn it〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜!!!!!!!!

But……………… I’ll definitely not get angry………………

Then, uneventfully,
I arrived at Portugal.


That was long…
That was really long…

It was a ridiculous day.
But, I can’t just rest in my room here!!

If I ended it like that,
I’m too pitiful!!!

『In any case, I’ll head out・・・・』
I’ll go out and breath in the air in the streets・・・・・・・』

With that in mind, I decided to head out.
if anything happened here
I may really get angry
and while thinking of it with many years of intuition,
I decided to first grab a drink before going out.

So, I got on a taxi
and told the driver

『Bring me to a cool bar・・・』

With that, “got it!!”
he said.

And he brought me to this place…


When I entered the restaurant,
I thought “Isn’t it a little too bright for a bar??”
and found it strange.

But, well in any case I took a seat.

Then, after awhile
the waiter brought a menu over…

Then, when I looked at the menu…


Isn’t this a Japanese restaurant!!!!

“Hey hey hey hey hey,
Such a development, unbelievably~~~~~~!!!!!!!!”
I thought while looking at the menu.
I could only let out a sigh…

Even so.


what’s that??

Are they saying Miso Soup (Miso shiru)?
What’s with this subtle mistake?
Is it some kind of trap??
Am I being put through some kind of test again?

Source: OH!! MY!! GACKT!! 

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team