In 2015 too GACKT Guerrilla LIVE will have a live coverage on Nico Nico Broadcast!!
GACKT could appear in your city!?

On Nico Nico broadcast, this 2015 also the GACKT Guerrilla live will have a total coverage in Nico Nico Broadcast!!
From the moment he moves towards the appointed place, to the pre-LIVE, to the actual live, everything will be reported in the live broadcast!
GACKT could appear in your city!?

10:00~ Music videos broadcast
10:15~30 actual broadcast start
* hereafter, in the intervals, music videos will be played while you wait for the live show to start

[Guerrilla LIVE place planning!]
For the program, we are waiting for your expectations on where the GACKT guerrilla LIVE will take place!!
Feel free to make your submission using the following methods.
* Part of your contribution will be presented in the program

-Twitter: Post your opinion attaching to the twitt the Hashtag #GACKTゲリラLIVE *GACKT guerrilla LIVE*
-Facebook: post you comment under the news of GACKT guerrilla live in the GACKT facebook page
*the post will be created shortly so wait for it


At the end of the program, there will be an [extra comment] only for premium members
The extra comment will be available for people that made their registration by the end of the program.
Also, in period of high traffic of viewer, premium members will have the priority, other then having a higher resolution.



Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team