《Sorry for Jumping in! Special ver Sheets, Limited Editions enclosed!!》
Yesterday, there was a notification on the GACKT Official Home Page
announcing the release of a New Single in July,
Did you all get to check it out?
Following in the wake of the Pillow Jacket, comes these “Inviting sheets”.
Everyday will get all you LOVERS
missing your beds more and more everyday, I predict.
I can’t wait to see the finished product^^
Although Online News has already been announced in Japan…
After all this progress, we’ve found out that
GACKT has accidentally sent on of his mischevious OMGShots off to the factory(>_<;;)
The production has already started,
and the products created before halting the production are still products, so off they go on sale!
So the variations for the sets have been increased to 3 types, “WHITE ver & BLACK ver” and the “WHITE ver & SPECIAL ver”,
“BLACK ver & SPECIAL ver”!
One of these 3 combinations will be delivered to those who purchase them.
What variation you get, is for you to find out when it arrives^^;;;
Applications for purchase will be opening today.
Get on and applying!
『46th SINGLE Premium Edition “GACKT sleeps together ♡ Life Sized Bedsheets package”』
Item Stock Number: GLCD-00009
Price:12,500 Yen + Tax

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Source: GACKT Official Facebook