Membership Cards are being sent out
For members who joined between 16 Nov 2014 – 15 Jan 2015, the membership cards have been sent out to you.

For questions relating to non-receipt : please contact G&LOVERS between 19-20FEB.

During that time frame, please send your questions to the email address glovers@gackt.com .
-Subject : [Membership card not received]
(*put in text if no subject line)
– Body: Name in Furigana, membership number, address

*all questions regarding non receipt must be asked during the given time frame.
If the deadline has passed and you enquire after that, there will be an additional re-delivery charge of 700yen.
*if you need to change the name printed on your membership card, please send us the enclosed [membership reissuance proceedure] which is attached in the “information” sheet.


Notice of birthday cards being sent out
This time’s deliveries are sent to members who are born in February.
For enquiries regarding non-receipt, please contact G&LOVERS between 19-20 Feb.

DURIng the given timeframe,
PLease send an email to glovers@gackt.com
-subject : non-receipt of birthday card
(If there is no subject line please put this in the text)
-body: name, membership number, address


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team