A situation report. We’re delivering a message from the Student Council President!!

91st Camui Gakuen de Snow Sports Fest
Dear students, is everyone ready for the snow mountains?
Hey you, the undecided-looking one!!
Take part without hesitation!!!

For now only, we’re having registration for the Snow Mountains!!

At present, the situation is that the Student Council President and everyone have gone to the snow mountains for a meeting.

Last year,
1. Pull strongly~! Which handicaps or benefits would you like?
2. This year as well, I’ll Nuki Nuki with you
3. Daruma-san has toppled~ I’ll topple too~
4. Sharpen your senses! Kissy wafting scents *hug hug*

WEre the challenges played but
We~ll, what will be the challenges be for this year?

As the venue has also been scaled-up,
do look forward to this situation!!

And, and, somehow!!
[Camui Gaku-en Greeting Sticker] (Price: 100yen or 50 coins)
The long-awaited original stickers for Camui Gakuen on LINE has been released!
(*clap clap clap*)

Use the Camui Gakuen stickers
and spread Camui Gakuen’s existence around!!

Who will you send the stickers to, I wonder~~

*for more details, please refer to the DM that was sent out.
*eligible applicants are new G&LOVERS members who joined on/before 31 Dec 2014 and existing members, as well as new members who applied at the performance venue of Yoshitsune Nekketsu Gakuen Monogatari on 8 Jan.


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