Starting today 23 January, orders will be accepted for [GACKT Calendar 2015-2016]. GACKT, who welcomed his 15th year as a solist in 2014, is collaborating with Tsutaya for this calendar as a celebration of that 15th anniversary. Just for this calendar, GACKT went to New Zealand for the shoot!


The calendars that are currently available for download have been revealed to include a sheep but, that was in fact a hint to the location for the calendar shoot to be in New Zealand!!

From GACKT who was in the midst of a shoot, we received a photo from him. GACKT soaking in a New Zealand hotel’s gorgeous jacuzzi while dousing himself in cologne. It looked like a scene from a movie, but could this be another hint from him? —— That’s right, that’s exactly what it was.

Somehow, the 50 bottles of cologne that have been used by GACKT arrived from an unknown and untraceable location. How and when were these 50 bottles used? There’s an image with the 50 used bottles of cologne which came from under GACKT’s supervision. Looking at that, why don’t you try thinking about it. He said that he had only used 30 bottles so far, so after he has used them all he will deliver the remaining ones to the chosen winners. While ordering your calendar, by all means join in!

– Item Description
*The specifications of the item is subject to change.

①2015 B2 Calendar (2015 April ~ 2016 March)
3,000 yen (with tax)
B2 size (515×728mm)、7 pages (cover+6 calendar pages)、Full Colour

②2015 Desktop 3D Calendar (2015 April ~ 2016 March)
3,500 yen (with tax)
Frame Size (210×148mm) 、7 shots (cover+6 calendar pages/front ・back 12 months) full colour

■To order

Order period :23 Jan (Fri)~19 Feb (Thu)
Delivery date :27 March (Fri)
Store :The store is an online shop: http://tsutaya.jp/gackt_calendar/

Source: T-SITE

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team