*From secretary* GACKT personal effects as a gift!

[GACKT Calendar 2015-2016] celebration of the 15th anniversary collaboration plan with TSUTAYA the hot topic in past few days.
Have you all downloaded it?

People around me too have often asked me “Why did he ride a ship this time?”

The truth about that secret…
was hidden in the chosen location <3
It’s because for this year’s calendar
the shooting was carried out in New Zealand^^

We received a picture of this for GACKT that was in the midst of the shoot…
It was about GACKT relaxing in a gorgeous jacuzzi in a New Zealand’s hotel while sprinkling cologne on his body.
It looked like a movie scene and it was fascinating and the impressive comment..
It looks like that among those purchasing the calendar a bottle of cologne used by GACKT will be given as a gift to 50 people selected by lottery!!

With TSUTAYA’s collaboration, regarding the details about this gifts, they will soon be updated.
Since it will be enclosed with GACKT’s charming photos please, give it a look*

As for the applications for the present, there will be a lottery for the application postcards distributed as a special favor!

Will be waiting for all your applications ^^

<> *The article’s specifications is subject to change.

①2015 B2 Calendar (2015 April ~ 2016 March)
3,000 yen (with tax)
B2 size (515×728mm)、7 pages (cover+6 calendar pages)、Full Colour

②2015 Desktop 3D Calendar (2015 April ~ 2016 March)
3,500 yen (with tax)
Frame Size (210×148mm) 、7 shots (cover+6 calendar pages/front ・back 12 months) full colour

Calendar order outline

Order period :23 Jan (Fri)~19 Feb (Thu)
Delivery date :27 March (Fri)

Pre-order period starting today January 23 to February 19 at TSUTAYA’s shops or online shops, and at the shipping or the delivery time a application postcard will be enclosed


Source: GACKT Official LINE

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team


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