Report news about the memorial calendar [GACKT Calendar 2015-2016] that starting today 23 January, will be accepting orders. Following the 3 month calendar where he is chased by a sheep,this calendar was shoot in the southern hemisphere but, we just now received a picture from GACKT. It is from New Zealand.

As you can see, the picture that arrived, its not a picture where he spars with kangaroos and it’s not even a picture with a koala, but it’s a picture of GACKT that while relaxing in the jacuzzi of a New Zealand hotel, is spraying his entire body with cologne.

GACKT’s used bottle of cologne will be given as a present to 50 people chosen through lottery to those applying for the pre-order and there was another picture with this line “It’s a shame that they are so few” written on it.
Speaking of GACKT it is said that he likes so much cologne that 「If you follow the fragrance of his cologne, you can understand the exact place where GACKT is」. GACKT is known for being a regular user of Chanel Platinum Egoiste and it has an even better fragrance if he is the one using it♡


As for the applications for the present, as a calendar special service post-card application will be enclosed to it.
When ordering in the pre-order period from today January 23 to February 19 only at TSUTAYA’s shops or online shops, at the shipping or the delivery time a application post-card will be enclosed

Just by following its smell this is a cologne power that makes you feel like you have been to GACKT’s concert, so by all means put in all your Kiai and make your subscription.

①2015 B2 Calendar (2015 April ~ 2016 March)
3,000 yen (with tax)
B2 size (515×728mm)、7 pages (cover+6 calendar pages)、Full Colour
②2015 Desktop 3D Calendar (2015 April ~ 2016 March)
3,500 yen (with tax)
Frame Size (210×148mm) 、7 shots (cover+6 calendar pages/front ・back 12 months) full colour
*The article’s specifications is subject to change.
Order period :23 Jan (Fri)~19 Feb (Thu)
Delivery date :27 March (Fri)

Source: BARKS.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team