On 22 January’s broadcast of variety show “Downtown DX” (Yomiuri TV/NTV), singer GACKT will reveal footage of him dressed as the popular rock band “X JAPAN” ‘s YOSHIKI and performing on the drums, and him dressed as a girl doing a dance performance popular idol group “AKB48” ‘s “Heavy Rotation”.

The footage is from GACKT’s fan event “Camui Gakuen”. In the same event, GACKT performs various artistes’ popular songs in the form of a high school cover band. Attending staff and audiences are also obligated to dress in school uniforms, as GACKT said, “Those who don’t come dressed in school uniforms would have violate the dress code and wouldn’t be allowed in.”. He also spoke of the time when he acted in Hollywood film “BUNRAKU” (2010, directed by Guy Moshe), and was acting out a scene with actor Josh Harnett when his took broke.

In this episode of Downtown DX, guests other than GACKT are Ochiai Tsutomu, Mori Kumiko, Kimura Yūichi, COWCOW, Makita Supo-tsu, Nakao Akiyoshi, Lovely, SHIORI, and Nakamura Risa. It will be broadcasted on the evening of 22 January at 10 p.m.


Source: mantanweb.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team