22 January’s (Thu) Downtown DX (Yomiuri TV/NTV) features exquisite gastronomic delights. Engage in a hilarious talk show with Ochiai Tsutomu, Mori Kumiko, GACKT, Kimura Yūichi, COWCOW, Makita Supo-tsu, Nakao Akiyoshi, Lovely, SHIORI, and Nakamura Risa as guests, and Downtown’s Hamada Masatoshi and Matsumoto Hitoshi.

In [24 Hours Close-up of Celebrities’ Secrets!], Mori navigates an underground departmental store’s gourmet section, and Kimura introduces a well known store’s best selling dish in Hakata. Ochiai, who is appearing for the first time, reveals that SHIORI has a passion for food. And GACKT dressed as a girl and performing AKB48’s song!? In [A Star’s Extreme Experiences], it is a corner where guests get to try extremely high class food in the studio. Ochiai introduces the finests Wagyu Beef loin that makes him travel all the way to Osaka for. Lovely fiercely promotes a high class egg that costs XX yen, and everyone gets startled by a certain pasta which costs 18,000yen that Mori loves!?

GACK talks about the fan event known as the 「Gakuen Fest」. Using the front of a student cover band, after performing songs in a blazer, he reveals that they perform a pefect copy of an AKB48 song at the end. GACKT reveals the thorough uniformed theme, saying “Audiences ,Staff and Members all wear uniforms. Anyone who doesn’t would have violated the dress code and won’t be allowed in.”.

Source: Ameba News

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team