[Goods Sales Info] Yoshitsune hot blooded school story ~Chapter2~
We are beginning sales of the [Yoshitsune Hot-Blooded School Story ~Chapter2~] goods which were only on sale for one day on 8 Jan. Sales will begin from 18:00 today onwards.

The limited [Lucky Bag with Lottery] will contain an assortment of goods which were sold at the performance venues of Yoshitsune Hiden and will be worth between from 20,000yen up to 30,000yen!
You could even get a [GemCEREY Jewellery piece worth 50,000yen], [Goods autographed by the actors] or even [Goods autographed by Yoshitsune]!?
*Not all lucky bags will contain these special items. Please take note.

Also, we will definitely be selling the Hand Towels and Face Towels which were sold out on site.
As these goods are limited in stock, please make sure you get your hands on them as early as you can

Sales site

*after 18:00, the site will be refreshed and sales will begin.
*if the page does not load, please press refresh on your devices to re-load the page.

Source: GACKT.com

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team