The following 3 items are up for reservation sales!

Reservations at the GACKT STORE open until 6:00 pm Monday 9th February.

Separate mail to be sent to G&LOVERS members.

Check the link below for details.


◆ GACKT Eternal Slate

A Premium item, holding the power of GACKT, in commemoration of GACKT’s 15th anniversary!

It’s believed that the hand shows how a person has lived their life.

As a symbol of GACKT in his 15th anniversary, his hand print has been carved into a metal plate and preserved,

「GACKT Eternal Slate」

A collectors item to celebrate the anniversary.

After mold making with the real GACKT’s hand, sculpted life-size with 3D relief technology!

48,000 yen + tax

Delivery: Late April

◆ 2014 Camui♂Gaku-en de Matomenasai DVD

The Fan Club event tour Gaku-en sai which started out in 2009,

with「GACKT’s most serious fun」as the running concept, the dress code for all students in school uniform.

With the band (playing their cover song), a ceremony, drama club, and dance club also joining in, you’ll be sure to catch a unique “Gaku-en sai” scenery, not possible at any other tours.

This DVD has been made mostly around footage of the live performances.

Watching this will help you enjoy Caumi♂Gakuen more!

7,800 yen + tax

On sale Wednesday 29th April

◆ GACKT × Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra 2nd 「A Magnificent Classical Evening」

Following late 2013, the spectacular performance with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra in late 2014 is making it’s way onto DVD!

A fabulous original arrangement by GACKT adjusting to the orchestra, GACKT’s voice is just so moving!

6,800 yen + tax

On sale Wednesday 29th April

Source: GACKT Official Facebook