We’re now accepting orders for the following 3 items!

Orders are accepted until 9 Feb 2015 (Mon) 18:00.
G&LOVERS members will receive a separate DM.

For more information please refer to thw following link.

*GACKT Eternal Slate

A premium item celebrating GACKT’s 15th solo year infused with GACKT power!
In that [hand], it is said that it reflects his expression and lifestyle.
Celebrating GACKT’s 15th anniversary, GACKT’s present hand prints moulded in bronze are the semi-eternal memorial [GACKT Eternal Slate].
Taking GACKT’s actual hand prints, it is a 3D relief sculpture made with the newest technology!

48,000yen + Tax
Delivery: around late half of April 2015

* 2014 Camui Gakuen de Matomena Fest DVD

The fan club event tour, Gakuen Fest which started in 2009.
[Started by GACKT, play with abandon] is the concept with all participants dressed in school uniforms.
The light music club (performing covers), ceremony, drama club, dance club and more of such special contenct that cannot be seen in tours except packed in the [Gakuen Fest].
This time, a DVD with a focus on Live footage!
Watch this and you’ll finally be able to enjoy Camui Gakuen!

7800yen + tax
General sales begin from 29 April (wed)

*GACKT X Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra 2nd “Evening of Splendid Classic”

Following the end of 2013, 2014’s year end’s premium concert with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra has been made into a DVD!
A masterpiece containing magnificent orchestral music and unique arrangements of GACKT’s original music in harmony with GACKT’s voice!

6800yen + tax
General sales begin 29 April (wed)

Source: GACKT.com

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team