As this is only a 1 day performance, make sure to come get the new goods!

T-shirt 2800yen
Face Towel 1800yen
Hand Towel 1400yen
[Lucky Bag with Lottery Ticket] 10,000yen

Attention , [Lucky Bag with Lottery Ticket]!
It contains an assortment of Moon Saga Yoshitsune Hiden Chapter2 goods which are worth anywhere between 20,000 to 30,000 yen! In addition, only limited to the Venue’s Event, those who purchase the bag will get a lottery ticket!

Using the lottery ticket, you’ll get one chance at the lottery on venue per ticket.

If your ticket is chosen! You may even win [GACKT X GemCEREY MOON SAGA] Jewellery equivalent to the value of 50,000yen or goods autographed by the performers! *in the case where you missed your ticket being called, you’ll get a gift.

*please note that the new goods and the lucky bag will not be sold once stocks have run out.
*the contents of the lucky bag may vary.
*the contents of the lucky bag contain an assortment of goods of those sold at the event venues of Secret of Yoshitsune (Yoshitsune Hiden).
Please note that new goods and limited edition goods are not included.

New year.

[Goods Pre-Sales Time]
Afternoon performance 10:00~11:00
Evening performance 14:30~15:30

Location: nakano sun plaza 2nd floor entrance

*once doors open only ticket holders may enter the venue.
*non-ticket holders please make your purchases during the pre-sale
*once the pre-sale timing is up, it is the end of the sale.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team