Hello…*coughing sounds*
Ohー,it’s you…
*coughing sounds*


Am I having a flu again?…you ask…
Yes yes, I caught the flu again.
It’s a cruel reality where every year,
when it’s approaching the new year I’ll catch a cold.
Right now、it’s somewhat receded from the 39 degrees Celsius.

In the past,
I’ve heard something like this being said before.
To go through the year takes a lot of energy so,
those who do not have enough energy won’t qualify to welcome the next year,
and will definitely pass on without reaching the new year.

That’s why, at year end many people die…


That said, i think I put in a lot of effort but,
every year, I end up thinking that i probably am with the bunch who aren’t qualified to greet the new year.
Year after year having fever and flu like this,
even if you don’t want to believe it, you’ll end up thinking it right?

I’ll definitely greet the new year!!!
So, you, what made you call.


Year end greeting?…you say.
Ah〜, I see.

It’s already the 31st…
That was fast.
In a flash, a year has passed already…


What kind of year was this one?…you ask,
since I’ve been travelling in and out of Japan to places overseas,
I’ve been so busy that I can’t really recall…
*coughing sounds*

Last year’s memories are mixed together with this year’s memories。
If I try reeally hard to remember、
It feels like I’ve been going in and out of the theatre this year…


No no…even if I say that,
when I say “theatre”, it’s not only the time when I stand on stage
that I’m considered working right?

Production of the play, script, music, performances, auditions,
rehearsals、trainings, actual thing、evaluation meetings,
turning it into a novel…
All of this is related to theatre right?
And there’s definitely still stuff that I didn’t list here.


It really time-consuming memories.
Of course、most of production was done overseas.
Creating most of it overseas,
then there’s stuff that has to be done in Japan,
maybe it just the feeling of coming back to Japan…
Why is going overseas good?…you ask.


I can focus there。
When I’m in Japan、my schedule just piles up.
But even if my schedule is completely filled up with work,
we’ll definitely end up having a meal together as a company.

By doing that,
in reality there really isnt time to write the scripts,
and in the end、everything comes in late.
If that’s the case、it’s like putting the cart before the horse right?


When overseas all these white noise disappear and that’s a good thing.
But even as I say so,
when I’m overseas,
TAKUMI occasionally follows me over…


Do I normally go alone?…you ask.
Yeah I go alone.
Yes, definitely on my own.
But, that feeling of singularity is good.
Because you become nicer to others.


When you meet all kinds of people you can frankly be thankful,
also you may even find a new path from that random meeting.

Whether you think it’s good
whether you think it’s bad
everything comes from you first right?


When stuff happen in front of you.
how you deal with it in your own way is the most important thing.
get it?


Soon, in a few more hours,
we’ll be welcoming the new year.
List down the stuff that you couldn’t do this year.
You must add them to your list for the next.

Source: OH!! MY!! GACKT!!

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team