《Your Executive Committee〜, cutting in with a message》
Hello students, Gokigenyo〜♪
Here’s your Executive Committee〜 cutting in with a message.

Gakuensai for the first time in Fukuoka!!
And for this Final show Seito Kaicho and F8 members showed their hothot energy♪♪
With this big final we close the curtains♪
But there’s still more!!!
A big news!!!
In March 2015,
has been decided the 91th Camui♂Gakuen Setsujou Taiikusai〜〜〜!!!
*Big applause*!!!!!ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
and,this time too without being defeated by the coldness let’s go to the silver world! GO! GO!!
Applications will be open for those who applied for their membership to G&LOVERS until 2014/12/31 and those applying for it at the Yoshitsune Gakuen on 2015/1/8

About admission at the fanclub see here
GACKT official fanclub G&LOVERS

Well then students,
Utill the day we can meet again, Gokigenyo〜♪


source: GACKT Official Facebook

translation: GACKT ITALIA Team