HAPPY SUNDAY LOVERS AND HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!!! How are you all? Are you having fun? We are ok and very happy to dive you all the news about GACKT every day. But, if you missed something while eating too much sweets, here it is the GACKT ITALIA Staff Blog~ HAVE FUN WITH US! Let’s start with the GACKT x Nestle videos~


Don’t worry if you don’t see the subbed ones…we had some problems, but they will be back…..VEEEEEEEERY SOON. A few hours, more or less!

But lets’ go on with all the Facebook updates and translations:


and here they are the Official News translations:


Here we have Line—


Schermata 2014-12-24 alle 11.35.18 Schermata 2014-12-24 alle 11.34.41 Schermata 2014-12-24 alle 11.28.23

A very sweet and touching Takeshi Nakano blog…read it, please:

Takeshi Nakano_05

…and! Two beautiful men after the GACKT’s performance…cause on the December 26th there was a very special evening…

GACKT X Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra! All the news about it:

news_xlarge__MG_1790 news_header__MG_1655

Here we have Blog and Blomaga translations:



Ok, now…time for us to wish you Merry Christmas! I know it’s late ahahah! But that’s the Staff Blog, we wished you Merry Christmas in the right time…look at our fanzine, with all the Christmas Wishes that you all sent us…there’s yours too? Take a look. And yeah, ahahah! Enjoy our Vlog!

FANZINE Dicembre 2014 – Buon Natale! FANZINE December 2014 – Merry Christmas

GACKT ITALIA Official Vlog – dicembre 2014 – Buon Natale! GACKT ITALIA Official Vlog - December 2014 - Merry Xmas

That’s all for today. SEE YOU ON THE NEW YEAR!!!!!! Have a wonderful 2015 with GACKT and GACKT ITALIA! Stay tuned~ Kisu