A magnificente classical night

Yesterday I went to watch it.
It was the first time for me at a classic concert.
I went to the venue dressed in my suit and with a bit tensed expression.

At the venue there was a huge assembly of the members who participated in Yoshitsune Hiden.
They were people I was familiar with always wearing a jersey but,
yesterday they were all there properly dressed up✨


[A magnificente classical night]

The first one,
Was a song used in
Yoshitsune Hiden Ch 2 soundtrack,
I was really impressed by the live performance,
with goosebumps all over my body,
and while words and images from the stage play came to my mind,
I got all fired up watching the performance!

All songs were incredible,
but the one that impressed me the most is
Sakura Chiru

It’s a song that was used as ending for Yoshitsune Hiden. Theme song? could we call it like this?
but listening to the orchestra version…

In the MC before the performance of that song GACT said,
“This song is really precious to me,during the stage play, all actors standing there on the stage were singing along with the tune thinking if the audience was able to hear their voices. Rehearsal were hard, both mentally and physically speaking but,even if I was wondering all the time if they would leave the play because of this, everyone desperately worked as hard as they could.

saying something like this is so typical of him.

Aaah but、Waka* (young lord) is a fantastic companion too for us、
and feeling grateful I was able to meet such a great companion and、
that I was chosen as a member of Yoshitsune Hiden、I was humming the song to myself while listening to him。
It almost made me cry (laugh)

At any rate,
Look at his presence on stage ,
His figure standing up there is really cool~✨


It was the first time I could see Waka singing on a stage,
and more then as an actor, more than as a producer
waka is exceptionally cool as a singer.

Was I really sharing the same stage of this person,
sharing the same space he was in,
and breathing the same air as he breathes?!

I couldn’t bring myself to believe that (laugh)

At the encore, with Jyuunigatsu no Love Song
the excitement had reached it maximum⤴⤴⤴

I remembered the time I was a third year in middle school.
At that time, I listened to a Cd my little sister had just bought home, I remembered when I used to see GACKT in Music programs, when I was so stressed up because of the entrance exams for high school, and the bitterness I felt at those times, but those melodies and that voice were always there spreading into my body.

13 year after, who would have imagined that one day I would be sharing the same stage as that person….

Song by song,
I was deeply moved by the feeling I received from them.

Being able to spend such a
fine and luxurious experience was really pleasing!!

Il’ll do my best
At the Yoshitsune Gakuen!!


fonte: Date Yasuhiro Blog

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