Exclusive Students’ Hijack of GACKT [Camui GAKuen de matomenaSai]
All attendees are in school uniform!!
A Copy-Band Live by the Light Music Club!!
The ultimate school festival entertainment show by GACKT will be streamed after last year’s!!


All attendees are in school uniform!! A Copy-Band Live by the light music club!!
The ulitmate School festival entertainment show by GACKT [91st Camui Gakuen de MatomenaSai] will be streamed exclusively from 15:00 onwards on 24 Dec (wed).


-How to tune in
To watch this program in full, please follow one of the following methods.
*note that all premium subscribers to the GACKT Official Channel “OH! MY!! GACKT!!!] will be able to tune in automatically!

A. Net Ticket ( if bought before the broad cast price is 1,800 points/ if bought on the day of broadcast 2,000 points) (1 niconico point = 1yen)
-> to purchase net tickets follow this link

B. Subscribe to Niconico Channel [OH! MY!! GACKT!!!] (monthly 864yen)
-> follow this link to subscribe

– Event Info
Broadcast day: 24 Dec (wed)
Start of event : 15:00/entry into hall : 17:00 / start of performance : 18:00
Location : osaka/ Grand Cube Main Hall

-live Stream Info
Program name: GACKT Blomaga presents exclusive student intervention of “91st Camui Gakuen de MatomenaSai”!!
Broadcast day/time : 24 Dec (Wed) 15:00~21:00
Program url:
– for net ticket users: http://rd.nicovideo.jp/cc/mail/lv202381830
– for OH! MY!! GACKT!!! subscribers: http://rd.nicovideo.jp/cc/mail/lv203028257
– Program time schedule
15:00~ Live Venue reporting by HyakkaRyoRan!
F9 members will attend too!! (Free viewing)
18:00~ Camui gakuen de matomenasai start ( partial free viewing)
19:00~ copy-band live by light music club

Source: GACKT.com

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team