This year is about to end.
How are you all?
It’s not an habit for me to update GACKT’s Blomaga

This year has been full of big changes for me.
Maybe this year is the review of the last ten years of my life.

Takeshi Nakano_01

5 years ago, and also 2 years ago, I had a desperate moment where closing my company seemed an inevitable solution.

Why did I decided not to close it?
I still wonder today….
If you think only about the profit and money, closing the company would have been definitely the right decision. If I’d done that, I could have had a more wealthy life….

Takeshi Nakano_02
However, I decided not to
first of all for the extravagant GemCEREY clients that believed in a bizarre man like me. You are really crazy and… I love you!!!

And also for all of you, my crazy collaborators.

Takeshi Nakano_03

You are really crazy too.
And I thank you all.
Thank you guys.

And so many other bizarre and extravagant people that always believed in me.

Thank you so much.

Takeshi Nakano_04

You know that maybe you are right?
I think I did good on enduring on this.

Wait, there’s another bizzarre person.
GACKT!He’s really crazy!!!

Takeshi Nakano_05

He’s extremely crazy!!!!
Thank you for your friendship~
To have these people close to you it’s more important then money and profit.
To survive in this world, you need to have a lot of passion to do your best and giving your best in each moment!! In the now!!


Source: Takeshi Nakano Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team