Introducing “GACKT Special Stage” on「LINE Stage」!Play GACKT-san’s songs, and get limited edition costumes

Ryhthm Game「LINE Stage」is featuring GACKT-san’s special stage for a limited time!

In collaboration withGACKT-san’s current ongoing <Camui♂Gakuen de MatomenaSai>, you can unlock school festival themed costumes for a limited period!

【Availablility period】Until 2014 December 17 (Wed)

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In the special stage, there will be 8 songs from GACKT featured.

If you get the highest score amongst your friends in ranking, you’ll get rewarded with rubies (in-game currency)! In addition, the top 1000 worldwide will get a 5-star “Brown Senpai”!

Also, there will be a bonus for all players who cleared 2 songs and above! You’ll unlock a special costume that is only available through here!

【Songs Featured】

12 Gatsu no Love song /Jonetsu no Inazuma / Graffiti / ANOTHER WORLD / Mizerable / Koakuma Heaven / Vanilla / RIDE OR DIE

Ranking Presents

1st place:100 rubies

2nd~30th place:50 rubies

31st~50th place:30 rubies

51st~100th place:10 rubies

★1st~1,000th ranked players get Brown Senpai(5-star) .

Presents for clearing different songs

Clear 2 songs :Camu Nato (2 star) costume

Clear 4 songs :Cat-ear Sally (3 star) costume

Clear 8 songs :LOVERS Cony (4 star) costume

A large collection of GACKT-san’s popular songs!Play lots and fully enjoy the school festival mood♪

Source: Line Stage Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team


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