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*This is an extract from the GACKT Blomaga.
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Time is passing slowly.
I was doing a tasting
at a cafe in Nagoya
while wondering which tea is good.

Some days ago,
I went to the Camui Gakuen Fest at Nagoya
and watched it from start to end.




Big bro Nakano too
came to Nagoya for the Gakuen Fest
and we talked about the staging
over tea.

What were on those guy’s stage?
Of course
not everything is worth full marks.

being able to enjoy themselves from the bottom of their hearts
and their feelings of wanting to bring joy,
were strongly delivered from the stage i believe.


Even so,
the Nagoya Branch of Camui Gakuen’s MatomenaSai
was really fun.

talking about high school festivals…
whether is it the high quality of being able to be idiots,
I was really impressed with
their spirit of hospitality and being able to bring joy.


The students who were watching the stage
were sparkling with surprise and excitement.
Of course
a perfect stage doesnt exist,
to be frank
the first thing is has to do is strike the hearts of everyone.


The student council president of Camui Gakuen
is typically some one who is hard to get.
His thought don’t follow the normal sense of things
and he just goes forward with his way.
In other words, it would be fitting to say that he lives in his own fantasy.


it will always be showed on stage
why people fervently support him.
Without losing a beat
the members of F9 also help to protect that spirit.


most would normally say that
these guys aren’t reliable or don’t think about stuff much.

I do wonder if it’s just me who has been struck by
their ability to do so much for their students…


So far,
they’re seriously doing silly things
and are bringing the heat to everyone.
They’re doing ridiculous things with a straight face.



I want to applaud these guys.
This is exactly what it means
to bring joy with all your heart.
I was thinking
of bring my staff to watch this on 13, 14 at Chiba.

I watched them rehearsing the day before the show and
they seemed really serious…
Meticulously checking everything
down to the smallest detail.



Yeah, this is where they won’t lose to the pros.
That’s not all.
Watching that
they were even training seriously,
I dont know why but I teared up.


I understood that it was for the sake of
making this Gakuen fest a success for all the students.
To consider things from so many angles,
and to make such an event a success…
I could strongly feel that.



The image of
Each and every student
being attracted to the council president
is even more amusing than knowing that the president is someone who is a little wilder than normal.

In this area,
I cant really tell what’s his charm.
It’s some kind of weird aura that’s drifting.



It seems like he’s
completely carefree
but he is sharply overlooking all the students.
I’ve decided to go for the next Gakuen fest at Chiba too.
since the council president said I have to come and watch
I have no choice but to go.

Even so,
although it’s right after the “alright” staging has ended,
I wondered if he’s the only guy who doesn’t feel nervous or tense..



Happily eating desert with all his stage members…
I guess i have to get used
To seeing the f9 more…
Its been a long time i could take my time
and enjoy tea tasting
so today feels really good.
I really like this yuzu (citron) tea.
I guess i’ll enjoy it until the train arrives…


My name is GACKT.
My motto is “Mr. TEA BREAKER”
Savouring a cup of tea
is like life.

If you can elegantly enjoy your time just a little
you will make differences in your life.
The tea is good.
This moment is being decorated with the faint scent…
Maybe i should look for good cafes in Tokyo too.
Won’t you come and join me
in elegantly passing time?
I will decorate your life.



My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.

*This is an extract from the GACKT Blomaga.
(Updates thrice a month)

source: GACKT Official Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team