Hello GACKT Official LINE’s followers!

★ From the secretary ★ TV Ads will be published in advance just for you!

Hello everyone! Have you been following the news on the newscast about Gackt  this morning?! Finally, tomorrow begins television advertising HOKTO premium  霜降 り ひ ら た け shimohuri hiratake」throughout Japan!

GACKT had a fever during the shooting, just he heard “Stop”, he is collapsed.

It is a wonderful advertising with, initially, a mysterious atmosphere, but ultimately very pretty and playful.

Imagine GACKT in the checkout line of a supermarket …

I know he will make you crazy of tenderness ^^

On LINE, we anticipate a bit of news about the opening of this ad!

Today at 19:30 on the GACKT’s official Facebook will be published advertising and making videos!

Check it out ☆