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The stage play, Secret of Yoshitsune 2 has begun.

On the first day,
because of probelms with the equipment,
we had to push back the start time by 2 hours.

In regards to this,
whatever excuse I give won’t change that it has happened.
I want to apologise from the bottom of my heart.
I’m really sorry.

Of course,
I don’t think that this will be good compensation but
the Stage Production Committee and I
wanted to express out sincere apologies
and made arrangements for a transfer performance.
As soon as the details are confirmed,
the Secret of Yoshitsune Official Homepage and I will announce it.


I’ve wondered to myself many times about
whether it will even be possible to have the opening day so soon.
I think not only I, but all the other performers had that thought too.

Even so, in that situation,
we somehow had to open the performances
and when we thought of the parties who didn’t give up until now
and the undeniable fact that
there were many people who were eagerly waiting to see the play,
it really kept us going.
I’m thankful for that from the bottom of my heart.


And from the following days after the opening night,
although we were able to start on time,
performers kept getting injured one after another.

Even me, on the day before opening night,
I over strained my leg and started limping.

My left foot was throbbing and swelling
but the main problem wasn’t whether or not it’s going to be fine,
I simply spent the next few days
holding on to the thought that there’s no choice but to go on.

Shinnosuke who plays the role of Benkei also hurt his leg on the second day of performances.
Although he was sent to the ER after the performance,
it’s most likely that he will be limping for the rest of Tokyo’s performances.

Of course,
I won’t be limping around on stage for performances.
Hidden in the clothes
will be ice desperately cooling my leg.


In the stage performance this time around,
there are lots of large slopes on stage.

For the sake of action,
for the sake of imagery,
to make it easier to visualise…
well, I can dish out a ton of reasons but
it has become nothing but a burden for performers.

Even if we’re working until late at night for days in a row,
it’s not always training.

And even then, people still get injured.
It’s also been mentioned in a meeting yesterday
and I think this too.

[Because we’re doing such tough training everyday,
everyone’s getting injured to this extent.]


I’ll deliver my work evne if it takes my life.
Even if I’m cautious day, I’ll never know what happens tomorrow.

Why do I take such risks?
That’s simple.

I chose to deliver excitement to people
as my profession.

Of course,
there are big and small excitements all around us.

If I’m going to spend the same amount of time anyway,
to the very last second, I will see it through to the bitter end.
That’s all I think of.


In other words,
I have chosen to live
to deliver to you excitement that you’ve never felt before.
Being able to move someone’s heart through a piece of work,
and being able to give someone that extra push forward,
not everyone has the ability to do that.

If one has chosen to take that position…
it no longer lies in the threshold of work
in fact, doesn’t it become much like your fate or destiny already?

we decide how we want to spend the time that we have left in life.
There’s definitely a time limit.
We are living in a state of a constant count down.

To deliver the best excitement you’ll ever feel.
I will exhaust all of myself to do that even better.

I’ll think about what’s next after this is over.
That will be good.

That is GACKT.

My name is GACKT.
My motto is [Mr. Impression]

Well, let’s move forth today as well.


Editor in Chief


My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.
(Updates thrice a month)

※ To everyone:
To get this information out quickly, this has been specially published before the Blomaga is released.

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team