G&LOVERS: 【April 2020】「GG MAGAZINE Vol.95」 delivery notice

G&LOVERS Official news update. Read the translation below:

From today, April 4, 2020, the delivery of the exclusive 「GG MAGAZINE Vol.95」 for all the FC members starts!

Please log-in from the following URL and check it
【Fan club renewal】
The renewal period in April is as follows
After the expiration of the grace period, you will not be able to renew, so please do it as soon as possible.

◾️Members who joined in February
Grace period: Until April 30, 2020

◾️Members who joined in March
Grace period: Until May 31, 2020

◾️Members who joined in April
Grace period: Until June 30, 2020

Members who joined in May 2020 can renew from mid-April

※The renewal outside the above-indicated period won’t be possible

You can apply for the renewal at G&LOVERS’ MY PAGE in the before-mentioned periods.

※For all those who have the「G&LOVERS CARD UPty」(=GACKT Orico Card)the annual membership fee will be automatically debited, so it is not necessary to complete any procedures.

Renewal procedures on the link below:
G&LOVERS MY PAGE https://g-and-lovers.com/dashboard

If you wish to renew by postal transfer, please check the following transfer address “within your renewal period” and complete the transfer form provided by the post office.
※In case of payment made outside the indicated renewal period, the procedure will not be successful, therefore we will proceed with the refund from which the commission costs will be deducted.

Account number: 00190-6-292499
Subscriber Name: SKIYAKI Co., Ltd.
Amount: ¥6,111-
Customers column: Customer’s address, name and phone number
Communication column: Membership number (9 digits)

※There is an additional fee.
※If you wish to continue your membership status without any interruption, please do check your own validity status to make sure you do not miss the renewal period.
※If you have changed your address, please specify 「Address changed」 in the “Communication column” and fill in the new address in the payer’s address.
※We do not accept deposits made by telegraph, cash registered, or postal order. Please note that if you make a transfer in this way, you will be refunded but the commission costs will be deducted.
※Please, be sure to keep the payer’s copy (receipt) until you receive the subsequent e-mail and the confirmation of the renewed expiration date.
※If you wish to register after the expiration of the renewal grace period, you will be considered as a new member, so please do not make the payment from the renewal form.
※Renewal procedures can be done between one month before and 2 months after then end of your validity status. In the meantime, the 「Renewal Procedures」 button will be displayed on MY PAGE, but please be careful not to double-order.

Source: G&LOVERS

Translation: Sara @ GACKT ITALIA Team
Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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