GACKT Official FACEBOOK update. Read the translation below:

Here’s a report from the Secretary

The official goods from Theatre ☆ Live performance where GACKT appeared making a surprise, are on sale for a limited time!
Acceptance :March 20th(Monday・Holiday)until 23:59
Products shipment:scheduled for the end of March
※ Since the goods are limited, please understand that in case of many applications goods might be out of stock

《GACKT uses it regularly!「Metal Muscle HMB」》

LINE Stickers Pop up!
GACKT handsome pop ups boss Edition

The music video of「Tsumi no Keishō ~ORIGINAL SIN~」has been released!!
※Some of the images included are grotesque and shocking

《4th Gakuchi’s batch》
Arrived in arcades nationwide!!
Gakucchi Special Big Plushie & Face Pouch


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA