The Birthday Present which Kokubun Taichi Received From GACKT Co-Stars were touched as well


  • On the program broadcasted on the 16th, the birthday present that TOKIO’s Kokubun Taichi received from GACKT became a topic
  • Although they only previously worked together once or twice, it appears that he sent Kokubun a 「Timer Curtain」that automatically opens and closes on its own
  • It is speculated that it was out of concern for Kokubun who appears on breakfast television every morning

The considerate and tasteful birthday present from GACKT to Kokubun Taichi

On the broadcast of the variety program 「TOKIO Kakeru」(Fuji TV) on the 16th, the considerate birthday present that GACKT gave to Kokubun Taichi became a topic.

On that day, actor Abe Hiroshi and actress Oshima Yuko appeared as guests, and a talk about 「a person’s kindness」 that they recently felt unfolded.

During which, Kokubun spoke of the kindness that he felt from GACKT. On September 2 of this year, his birthday, Kokubun received a present from GACKT. However, despite that they have only worked together once or twice previously, the present was a 「Timer Curtain」 that automatically opens and closes, and he wondered about the reason for this gift.

After thinking about it, Kokubun guessed that because he appears on the morning program 「Shironetsu LIVE Vivit」(TBS) everyday, it was probably GACKT’s consideration with the intention for him to 「wake up to natural light (using the timer curtains)」.

As Kokubun recounted GACKT’s kindness in being considerate enough to put himself in Kokubun’s shoes, the other guests were also touched.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA