Here’s a Report form the Secretary

The acceptance for the「GACKT JAPAN TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE Saigo No Tsuki -LAST MOON-」build-to-order production of the documentary PhotoBook 、has started!

Acceptance period until 11/15(planned)
As this item is in limited stocks, there is a possibility that the sale will end before the end of the period once the planned number of books have been reached.

Price 5,200Yen(tx incl)
Release Date Planned(Delivery date)2016/12/24

There are also G&LOVERS benefits!!

For more information check the special site!

《Gakucchi Plushie ♡》
Coming soon…

《11/23 release「Kimi da ke no boku de iru kara」》
Limited edition with Gakucchi plushie from the LAST VISUALIVE versions available on the GACKT STORE Reservations accepted until 10/14 !

《Beaujolais Nouveau》
Seven & i Holdings’ 2016 “Beaujolais Nouveau” is now available for pre-order!!
Check out the page below:

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