GACKT, the director Motohiro Katsuyuki Dance, Cry, Feel, Ad Meeting (about)」 meet for the second series!

(from left) Takaoka Kouzo(Nestlé president),GACKT, the director Motohiro Katsuyuki.

[News from site 映画.com]
GACKT, actor and musician, was informed of the new work of the director Motohiro Katsuyuki Dance, Cry, Feel, Ad Meeting (about)」 and decided to attend the filming of the second series. Today, Motohiro Katsuyuki and GACKT will participate in The 2015 edition of the Sannomiya Film Festival  (Kobe)

This festival will be held in the cinema company Mint Kobe, where it will be present the second series of this short movie.GACKT, with a really sincere look says:Since I like very much the work of the director Motohiro, I’m really honored to be able to participate. This work promises to be interesting, and I like to do this sort of thing. Using a technology more and more advanced, I must say that I really happy with everything that you can make .
The collaboration between the general director Motohiro and director Yoshikatsu Kimura leds to the processing of the series Dance, Cry, Feel, Ad Meeting (about)」, or a series of short films set in a fictitious advertising company. It is a very popular content in the free channel Nestle theater
YouTube and we would like to make it even more free that content.
In the old working extraordinary actors like Renbutsu Misako, Yuki Yamada were called to interpret roles.
The director Motohiro says smiling, I never expected your arrival GACKT! I hoped it so much. Moreover, with a very proud and confident look he says: In order to obtain great content you must call the right people. If this project doesn’t comply with these conditions and succeed I ask for the resignation. For this reason, I, the producer and the writer are working hard .
GACKT hear these doubtful words says with conviction:I speak fairly slowly, but in this work the dialogues are pretty damn fast! I think that only in this aspect it will be a success .Also in regard to the setting of the advertising world talking with a smile on his face: The world of advertising companies is very messy. This disorder is expressed in a really brilliant way in this work . The finished project will be uploaded on Youtube in September.
The 「Sannomiya Film Festival (Kobe)」, however, will end on June 6th.








Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team