Yasuhiro Hamano facebook update translation:

The 2017 has started The world is moving toward peace Congratulation
Autonomy and Solidarity
Life that i experience by myself
One’s own will (and the will of one’s own country)
Become the mountain, Become the river, Become the sea, Become love (From the theme song of Karanukan)
Not left or right, Hell or Heaven (From the music for the Niraikanai Umi no Himatsuri )
Holy am I alone throughout heaven and earth. *
(n.d.t It is said that Buddha Shakyamuni right after his birth walked 7 steps and chanted those words ‘Tenjo tenga yuiga dokuson’)

2016/12/31 The setting sun of Okinawa on East China Sea is possessed by a god and, the plan for the ‘Niraikanai Umi no Himatsuri’ in 2017 have started. That secret plan is moving closer from that point of the sea.
I am producing two films.
The documentary film ‘TETON – Yama no Koe’ with the Grand Teton as its stage (n.d.t The highest mountain in Grand Teton National Park,Wyoming,America)
and ‘Karanukan’ with its stage in Okinawa.
One big event the ‘Niraikanai Umi no Himatsuri’ with the emerald beaches of Okinawa
The release of the episode 26 of the TV program ‘Earth Talk’ on you tube
The plans in a high class hotel and resort in Urasoe have started
In the american election Trump become president as prognosticated, and great projects have started,
this is what I was thinking while running.
What will the new year bring, look forward to its expressions

Source: Yasuhiro Hamano Facebook

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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