GACKT ITALIA Staff Blog: May 25th 2014

Happy Sunday LOVERS!

Here we are with our weekly Staff Blog! How are you all doing?
We are always trying to keep up to date with the latest news, but GACKT is running fast and GACKT Italia staff is running with him!
Let's see what happened this week:

We have the Italian and English translation of a GACKT article where he explains how this tax evasion gossip has hit him deeply, read here what he has to say:



This article has taken us very deeply and we are very moved by it. He tried to vent off his feeling, even if he admits he is not good in doing this.

But to raise up our spirits, GACKT's present is shining bright and he is proud to present his latest work on DVD with three amazing promos:

Platinum Box XIV, Camui Gakuen, Tokyo Philarmonic Orchestra-DVD Releases


GACKT talks about the DVD with his performance with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra in the LOVERS Staff blog on the 21st May:

Translation LOVERS staff Blog May 21st 2014

Schermata 2014-05-21 alle 14.04.19

he's really happy to know that this DVD is the first one on Amazon Chart and he writes it on Facebook too:

Translation Facebook May 21st

On May 22nd, Fabulous Act vol.2 is released and GACKT talks about Akumu-chan and Moon Saga and he shared the news with us on Facebook:

Translation Facebook May 22nd


But talking about the Philharmonic Orchestra again! Here's an article by BARKS translated by our team:

GACKT's [An Evening of Classical Splendour] has achieved first place in the Classical DVDs section


Changing subject we also have the translation in Italian and English for the GACKT blog of May 14th:

Translation GACKT Blog 14th May 2014


A very intense and bloody blog, where he express his disappointment towards working with some people... read it very carefully.

On may 23rd, GACKT writes on Facebook to advertise the PLATINUM BOX XIV!

Facebook Translation May 23rd 2014

dvd_gackt_PLATINUM BOX_XIV_00

This PLATINUM BOX contains a wonderful gift.... G&LOVERS portable chopsticks! Don't miss it!

That's all for this week, we want to finish reminding you that you that you still have a very short time to participate in our GACKT Birthday Project 2014, partecipate! You can find all the details to join here:



Just a few days left till the deadline!!

Have a wonderful week, LOVERS and stay always updated on the latest news about GACKT, here on your GACKT ITALIA-THE END OF SILENCE!


GACKT ITALIA Staff Blog: May 19th 2014

Good morning LOVERS! Happy Monday!
Today we post the Staff blog a day later, but we hope you'll like it anyway. Last week was full of events  for GACKT, let's see what happened:

On May the 12th, GACKT wrote on Facebook, here is the message he shared:

Facebook Translation May the 12th


the day after, GACKT Italia started the 2014 GACKT Birthday Project, read all about it here how to participate:

2014 GACKT Birthday Project


However, GACKT Italia is not satisfied yet. We've created a Promo Video. Have you already seen it? Nooooooo? Go watch it NOW!!!

GACKT Italia Promo Video


on May 14th, the LOVERS Staff Blog is released, where they talk about GACKT's new project Moon Saga 2:

LOVERS Staff Blog May 14th Translation 


On May 15th sends out the Official Mail News, from now on  GACKT Italia will also give you the translation of these newsletter, to let everyone understand what's written in them. Give it a look:

Official Mail News, May 15th


Then we have new interviews and articles about GACKT (who else?) translated by our amazing team:

Results for Moon Saga 2 auditions from the moon official site

Translation Cinemacafe interview


Presentation Results for Moon Saga 2 auditions


and now the translation of the GACKT Blomaga n.62 that GACKT posted on May 17th, where he seems a bit nervous...he is complaining about the Business Class on airplanes and he is talking about how his Staff should be as GLOBAL as possible, just like he is.

Blomaga OH!! MY!! GACKT!! n.62 Translation


GACKT's Official Blog is also out, we are translating it, stay tuned!
This said GACKT Italia wishes you a wonderful week with us and first of all GACKT! Kisu~

GACKT ITALIA Staff Blog: May 11th 2014

Good Morning and Happy Sunday LOVERS!
Come state?

This has been a prettu intense week for GACKT Italia! As you may see, we have completely renewed our website. No it's much more professional and there's also the possibility to buy GACKT's latest releases on iTunes from the GACKT Store Global. Do you like it?? We are completely crazy about it!
Let's talk about all the news regarding our beloved GACKT, starting with two TV shows GACKT attended as a guest:


Don you think that GACKT looks really beautiful in white?

But let's focus on the news, some days ago, GACKT celebrated Takeshi Nakano's birthday and the party man posted some photos on facebook:


This has also been the week of the blogs! GACKT has in fact posted the Blomaga number 61 and his official blog.


Here below the links to the Italian and English translation:

We want to remind you that GACKT Italia always gives you not only blog translation but also the translation of all the social media! Lately GACKT has been really active on facebook and our staff is translating his messages almost live.:


Yesterday morning Nico Nico channel broadcasted the live streaming of final audition for Moon Saga 2 - Mysteries of Yoshitsune - heroine! Aren't you curious to see who's going to be Yoshitsune's new love interest? GACKT Italia watched the streaming live and snapped a lot of photos for all of you LOVERS!

There's one last news that we want to share with you today. Tomorrow, may the 12th 2014, it's going to be 15 years since the release of Mizerable! GACKT Italia and all the italian LOVERS want to give GACKT our best wishes for the 15th anniversary of his solo carreer! CONGRATULATIONS!!


GACKT ITALIA Staff blog: May 4th 2014

Goodday LOVERS!
How are you all?

This has been a really busy week! A lot of things have happened but especially we have a lot of news about our beloved GACKT!
As you may know, yesterday Akumu-chan the movie has been finally released in all Japanese theaters!
During this week, GACKT has been very busy with interviews and TV shows:


These are just some of the interviews that GACKT attended, we will be posting the translation of all the other interviews very soon. As you may have noticed, GACKT Italia is trying to be fully bilingual, but translating from Japanese it's not easy and it takes quite some times, we apologize for the inconvenience... but don't worry! Stay tuned and you'll find out all the most important news soon!

As I was saying before, yesterday was Akumu-chan day! The movie has finally been released in cinemas and GACKT attended the première event together with the other actors from the cast:

Schermata 2014-05-03 alle 08.35.30

The movie release unleashed the net giving us a lot of photos, videos and interviews! Here are some of the most important news:

gackt video

Recently GACKT has been more active on facebook and, as we have already said in our Fanzine too, his attention towards overseas fans are becoming stronger! He has in fact release some facebook messaged and a video completely bilingual and subbed both in English and Japanese! GACKT Italia obviously translated all the contents almost live and you can find them in the FACEBOOK section of our website.


GACKT has also created a new app to customize your facebook cover in collaboration with Akumu-chan The movie! You can find all the instruction in  this post.

Schermata 2014-05-02 alle 18.09.08

Furthermore, before the release of the movie, the Akumu-chan special aired on Friday! You can already find the video of the episode on our website; we will be posting subs very soon!

As for GACKT ITALIA, we keep sharing with you GACKT's DAILY QUOTES and we are working for you, as always, so be ready to wait for a lot of news and updates in the next days!! We are obviously super curious to know what you all think about these news and photos, so heat up the comment box below and let your voice be heard!

Have a nice Sunday and a Wonderful week everyone!!



GACKT ITALIA staff blog: April 27th 2014

Good Morning dear LOVERS,

Let's introduce a new feature, weekly this time. GACKT ITALIA staff thought it could be really wonderful to interact more with all GACKT fans and readers of this website, so we decided to post a weekly Staff blog where we face the most important moments and share with you all our point of view.

This has been a really eventful week, GACKT is very busy with the promotion of his new movie "Akumu-chan The Movie", in Japanese cinemas starting from next Saturday May the 3rd. We have translated a lot of GACKT iterviews and a lot of exciting news regarding Akumu-chan.

GACKT, gackt italia, interview, staff blog, gackt camui, akumu chan

In these interviews, GACKT said "Akumu-Chan is a movie that both kids and adults can enjoy". Here below we post some of the interview translated by our awesome staff where GACKT also says "I love to spur people and think about the children's future".

You can also find two new official trailers for Akuu-Chan while waiting for the movie to be released next Saturday in cinemas (only Japanese ones for now). Aren't you super excited just like we are to see what's going to happen in this movie??

As for GACKT Italia news, we have a lot and super exciting ones! First of all, as you may have noticed reading this page, the site is almost fully bilingual. We realized that a lot of our readers where coming from outside Italy too, so we decided to give you all the chance to read, understand, enjoy and interact with all GACKT things related.

As you may have also seen, we have finally publish the new issue of our own FANZINE. The new May number contains a lot of official GACKT news, an article dedicated to Moon Saga 1 costumes, a very dedicated analysis of GACKT's new single, P.S. I LOVE U and an all Italian Style Chibi GACKT version.

Schermata 2014-04-24 alle 08.32.44

You can read it easily and completely free in this post or by clicking the image above. We are really proud of how it came out and we are so curious to know what you think so heat up the comment box below!!

Starting this week, we also opened a new "daily feature" to involve you more inside GACKT's wonderful world. Every day, together with the Salottino on the forum and the Keep Calm on our social, we will post what we call DAILY QUOTE or QUOTE OF THE DAY so you can all learn more about our beloved artist.

GACKT has also published his latest blog where he talks about flower and mandarines (?!) curious to know what she said?! Read the translation here


We also want to remember you all that this year GACKT will reach a milestone, 15 years of his solo career! He talked about it in his official blog (translation will be available soon) and GACKT Italia wants to give him our best wishes!! We also want you to remember that there are some more anniversary in this week:

April 25th 2001 - April 25th 2014: 13 years since Rebirth


April 26th 2000 - April 26th2014: 14 years since Mars


April 27th 2000 - April 27th 2014: 14 year since GACKT started his first big tour MARS

April 27th 2005 - April 27th 2014: 9 years since the release of BLACK STONE

That's all for today, we leave you with this photo GACKT posted on his Official FAcebook page yesterday and we are curious to know your thoughts in the comments below! So heat up the box below, we want to know what you all think about it!!


Hugs and happy Sunday everyone!