VIDEO: Kenshin Festival march and Kawanakajima battle scene

For all those who missed this morning live streaming, here's the video of todays Kenshin festival where GACKT appeared as Uesugi Kenshin

[Ustream] GACKT - Kenshin Kousai 2014 (2014.08.24) di Tenshin26100

VIDEO: Kenshin festival press conference & preshow

Right from today's streaming, here's the video of the Kenshin festival press conference and pre-show that GACKT attendend yesterday and today.

[Ustream] GACKT - Events before Kenshin Kousai... di Tenshin26100

JOETSU TIMES: Preparations Ready for Kenshin Festival on 23rd, GACKT Kenshin Appears on 24th


From the 23rd, the Kenshin Festival will begin and festivities will be held at sites such as the Kasugayama Castle Ruins of Joetsu City and the Kasugayama Castle Square. On the previous day (22nd), platforms and sound stages were already being set up, preparations of the viewing areas were underway, and around the foot of the mountains, flag banners of the Kenshin Festival were fluttering in the wind.

The 23rd will begin with the Kenshin shrine procession and the children's shrine procession. From 9 a.m., in areas like the Kasugayama Castle tower and the various fortresses in each ward will be given the order to start the festival, and the signal fires will be lit up. Festivities include the Ancestral Worship at the Kasugayama Shrine, the Rice Dedication Battle, the Warlords Summit 2014 at the City Archaeological Centre, the Wholesale Centre in Kenshin Festival, and the Kenshin Music Festival.

On the second day, 24th, there will be the Ancestral Worship at the Kasugayama Shrine,
the gunnery showcase of the Yonezawa Clan's Gunnery Preservation Society, and the Prayer for Victory. From Rinsenji, the Kenshin War Drums will begin sounding and the kick-off will be announced. GACKT Kenshin will appear for the Kick-off Procession (from 3.30 p.m. - Kasugayama Castle Square) and for the Re-enactment of the Kawanakajima Battle (from 6 p.m. - Kasugayama Historical Ruins Square). GACKT Kenshin intends to capture the audience with his {heart of righteousness}.

The armor and weaponry which will be used for the Kick-Off Procession and the Re-enactment of the Kawanakajima Battle will be transported to the gymnasiums of Kasuga Elementary School and Kasuga Middle School on the 22nd, ahead of the actual day. About 500 pieces of equipment were arranged in rows in the gymnasium by staff of Marutake Sangyo from Kagoshima Prefecture. Managing Director of the company, Obata Kanehiro, said, "We are preparing for the enjoyment of everyone".

There will be no parking in the venue. There will be shuttle bus services connecting the various areas at 100yen. Pick up points are found at the front of the Kasugayama JR Station, Joetsu General Hospital parking lot on the 23rd, while on the 24th, they are at the front of the Kasugayama JR Station, Joetsu General Hospital parking lot, Joestu Takeda IC Bus Rotary, from the Temple Town parking lot to the Archaeological Centre and such.

fonte: Joetsu Times
Traduzione: GACKT ITALIA Team


TRANSLATION: Kenshin Festival Press conference

Today on August 23th, the 89th Kenshin festival has began. GACKT, who plays the role of Kenshin for the parade and for reproduction of Kawanaka-jima's battle scene, along with Kasugayama's mayor held a press conference. In spite of the injury to the left ankle, he said "I'll accomplish the mission with all my soul”

GACKT has shown up to the press conference with a cane. The mayor said ”I've read on his blog that he had a fracture and I was worried” and GACKT replied "It's my duty to tell you that everything is ok"


During the press conference, GACKT has talked about the accidente that happened during the performance. "This year the show will be quite frantic because I am really pumped up from my sense of duty, I mean I want to show the world that, if you really put all your heart in something, no matter the obstacles, you can accomplish a mission." "My duty is to show the audience what “義 ghi” is" (morality / honor / respect)”


“I don't know if next year I'll be able to play this role both physically and mentally speaking. Even if this might be the last time that I'll play Kenshin I want to make everyone feel how wonderful this festival is."

The parate where GACKT is performing, starts at 15.30 JPT (6.30am GMT) on the 24th at the feet of mount Kasuga. Instead the reproduction of the battle starts at 6pm JPT (9am GMT) at Kasugayamajo shiseki hiroba.

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team


KENSHIN FESTIVAL: August 23rd - first photos

Here are the first photos from the Kenshin FEstival

2014-kenshinfestival-23-001 2014-kenshinfestival-23-002 2014-kenshinfestival-23-003 2014-kenshinfestival-23-004 2014-kenshinfestival-23-005 2014-kenshinfestival-23-006 2014-kenshinfestival-23-007 2014-kenshinfestival-23-008 2014-kenshinfestival-23-009 2014-kenshinfestival-23-010 2014-kenshinfestival-23-011 2014-kenshinfestival-23-012 2014-kenshinfestival-23-013

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