Tonde Saitama Twitter update. New video with GACKT, translation below

Safely finished the stage greeting.
#FlyingSaitama Japan Premiere has ended✨

With tremendous excitement
It was a day when the Japan Saitamaization Plan made great progress 😏

Finally, team #Fly Saitama
Please take a look at his playful appearance as he heads to the stage greeting 💘

About a month left until the movie is released🌱
Please look forward to it 😚

#Fly to Saitama
Red carpet event is over!

Please visit us today and watch the live broadcast.
thank you very much! 🌱✨

And thank you for waiting.
Rei-sama, Momomi-sama, and director Takeuchi please📸

Thank you for yesterday!
With love from the excited official to everyone🎁

Couldn’t post yesterday
I will publish some precious photos💁

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA