GACKT Official news update. Translation below:

GACKT Birthday & Rebirth Special live double countdown!
[GACKT:RE birthday special]

The day before GACKT’s 49th birthday, on Sunday 3 July at around 19:15, a Birthday & Rebirth double countdown live streaming will be held!

Please come and see what GACKT, who is walking towards a return to activity by the end of the year, will talk about in his first live transmission in nine months.

This year, the live broadcast will be on “GACKT-chan Gaku-chan – YouTube”.

*Time schedule *
From around 19:15

From around 21:30

From around 23:30
GACKT Birthday Countdown Live Broadcast

*Time schedule is current at the moment.

GACKT Channel GAKUCHAN – YouTube

Call for message videos

In conjunction with the birthday countdown live broadcast, we would like to ask all LOVERS to do something for us.
We are looking for video comments from fans on the programme.

– Application procedure –

Video comment text: “GACKT, welcome back!
GACKT, welcome back” + “Message to GACKT”.

1: Take a picture of “GACKT, welcome back” and “Message to GACKT” with your own smartphone at the same time as the sample video. (about 10 seconds)

Sample video

The angle of view is the vertical size of a smartphone video.

Please speak freely your own “message to GACKT” following the “GACKT, welcome back~” timed to the sample video!
Please keep it to a total of about 10 seconds.

2: The video you have taken will be made into a URL at the following website.

3: Send your name and URL to this email address!
(No completion email will be sent).

[Application period] Monday 20 June – Monday 27 June, 23:59

– Notes –
By completing your application, you are deemed to have agreed to the following notes.

The video may be used in the birthday countdown live broadcast. Not all of them will necessarily be used.
The video may be used on YouTube, fan club websites, etc.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA